About the SPIE Digital Library

The SPIE Digital Library is the most extensive resource available on optics and photonics, providing unprecedented access to more than 500,000 technical papers from SPIE Journals and Conference Proceedings and more than 370 eBooks from SPIE Press from 1962 to the present. More than 18,000 new technical papers and 25 eBooks are added annually.


Proceedings of SPIE* (1963-)

Optical Engineering (1962-)

Journal of Electronic Imaging (1992-)

Journal of Biomedical Optics (1996-)

Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (2002-)

Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (2007-)

Journal of Nanophotonics (2007-)

Journal of Photonics for Energy (2011-)

Journal of Medical Imaging (2014-)

Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems (2014-)

Neurophotonics (2014-)

Advanced Photonics (2019-)

SPIE eBooks (selected titles, 1989-)

* Some Proceedings volumes are not available in the SPIE Digital Library as SPIE does not have electronic rights to this material.


New papers from SPIE's Journals and Proceedings are published as they receive approvals and complete production. Print publications follow completion of the online volume. For e-First publications, the electronic version is the publication of record, and citation information indicates the online publication date.


The citation format for e-First articles has changed from traditional page numbers to article identifier numbers (CIDs). Utilization of article CIDs allows papers to be cited as soon as they are published online, using the same identifier for both online and print versions.


All full-text papers and eBook chapters are provided in PDF format. Journal papers from 2001 and Proceedings from 2015 are available in both PDF and HTML formats. All PDF papers are searchable using the Find utility in Adobe Reader. SPIE has attempted to publish digital papers in the highest resolution possible while maintaining reasonable file sizes and download and printing times for a variety of user systems. The more current papers tend to be smaller in size and have higher quality images.


A Digital Library subscription is not required to use the search and browse features or to view tables of contents and abstracts. Downloading full-text digital papers is available only to authorized subscribers.

Institutional subscribers gain access to the Digital Library via their organization's IP addresses or other use credentials and may use the archive in a manner consistent with their institutional license agreement.

Personal subscribers gain access to full-text papers via a username and password.

Nonsubscribers may purchase digital papers directly from the Digital Library and will be prompted to create an account or to log-in when requesting a document.

Open Access publications and free content from SPIE are provided to promote knowledge transfer, education, and awareness of technology and industry developments in optics and photonics. Some authors have paid open access fees to have their paper available as open.

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