Biophysics, Biology and Biophotonics II: the Crossroads
Editor(s): Adam Wax, Vadim Backman
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28 January - 2 February 2017
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 10075
Proc. SPIE 10075, Front Matter: Volume 10075, 1007501 (17 April 2017);
Bioinspired Photonics and Novel Photonics Methods In Biology
Proc. SPIE 10075, Coherence switching of a vertical-cavity semiconductor-laser for multimode biomedical imaging (Conference Presentation), 1007502 ();
Proc. SPIE 10075, Monitoring adsorption of gold nanoparticles on gold nanodisk array using dark-field hyperspectral microscopy (Conference Presentation), 1007504 ();
Proc. SPIE 10075, Single-molecule DNA hybridization on nanoporous gold nanoparticle array chip, 1007505 (22 February 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10075, Multiplexed lasing in tissues, 1007506 (22 February 2017);
New Biophotonics Technologies for Live Cell Imaging
Proc. SPIE 10075, Nanoscale chromatin structure characterization for optical applications: a transmission electron microscopy study (Conference Presentation), 1007509 ();
Proc. SPIE 10075, Wavelength-dependent optical properties of melanosomes in retinal pigmented epithelium (Conference Presentation), 100750A ();
Proc. SPIE 10075, Could low level laser therapy and highly active antiretroviral therapy lead to complete eradication of HIV-1 in vitro?, 100750B (22 February 2017);
Nanoscale Imaging of Living Cells
Proc. SPIE 10075, FDTD based model of ISOCT imaging for validation of nanoscale sensitivity (Conference Presentation), 100750F ();
Biophotonics and New Horizons in Biology
Proc. SPIE 10075, Serogroup-specific interactions of lipopolysaccharides with supported lipid bilayer assemblies, 100750L (22 February 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10075, Investigation of HIV-1 infected and uninfected cells using the optical trapping technique, 100750M (22 February 2017);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 10075, Rotational and translational diffusion in ficoll solutions, 100750R (22 February 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10075, Detecting infrared luminescence and non-chemical signaling of living cells: single cell mid-IR spectroscopy in cryogenic environments, 100750T (22 February 2017);
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