Metamaterials XI

9 Sessions, 12 Papers, 23 Presentations
Metasurfaces  (3)
Plasmonics  (5)
Nanolasers  (2)
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24-27 April 2017
Prague, Czech Republic
Front Matter: Volume 10227
Proc. SPIE 10227, Front Matter: Volume 10227, 1022701 (15 June 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, All-dielectric resonant nanophotonics and high-efficient metasurfaces (Conference Presentation), 1022702 ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Tunable spin-directional coupling for surface localized waves with anisotropic metasurface, 1022703 (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Dynamical pixel manipulation of metasurfaces (Conference Presentation), 1022704 ();
Metamaterials Theory
Proc. SPIE 10227, Light-matter interaction in planar plasmonic and metamaterial systems: equilibrium and non-equilibrium effects (Conference Presentation), 1022707 ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, On-chip near-wavelength diffraction gratings for surface electromagnetic waves, 1022709 (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, On-chip phase-shifted Bragg gratings and their application for spatiotemporal transformation of Bloch surface waves, 102270A (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Enhanced fluorescence emission using bound states in continuum in a photonic crystal membrane, 102270B (16 May 2017);
Hyperbolic Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 10227, Experimentally demonstrate the surface state and optical topological phase transition of one dimensional hyperbolic metamaterials in Otto and KR configuration (Conference Presentation), 102270F ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Quasimode computation in structures including several dispersive materials , 102270G (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Spectral features of the Borrmann effect in 1D photonic crystals in the Laue geometry, 102270H (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Controlling coherence in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials (Conference Presentation), 102270I ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Metamaterials with toroidal fano-response (Conference Presentation), 102270J ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Planar toroidal metamaterials: the role of losses, tunability and applications (Conference Presentation), 102270K ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, All-dielectric perforated metamaterials with toroidal dipolar response (Conference Presentation), 102270L ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Optical meta-films of alumina nanowire arrays for solar evaporation and optoelectronic devices (Conference Presentation), 102270M ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Liquid-like 2D plasmonic waves (Conference Presentation), 102270N ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Collective dynamics of atoms embedded into negative index materials, 102270O (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Nonlocal resonances in nanoplasmonics: analysis and simulations (Conference Presentation), 102270P ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Hybrid metal-organic conductive network with plasmonic nanoparticles and fluorene (Conference Presentation), 102270Q ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, General rules for incorporating noble metal nanoparticles in organic solar cells, 102270R (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Plasma phase separation in bismuth and antimony chalcogenide crystals, 102270V (16 May 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10227, Study of resonant processes in plasmonic nanostructures for sensor applications (Conference Presentation), 102270W ();
Applications of Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 10227, Bulk magnetic terahertz metamaterial based on TiO2 microresonators (Conference Presentation), 102270X ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Detection of terahertz radiation in metamaterials: giant plasmonic ratchet effect (Conference Presentation), 102270Y ();
Proc. SPIE 10227, Deposition of organic molecules on gold nanoantennas for sensing, 102270Z (16 May 2017);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 10227, Plasmonic scattering nanostructures for efficient light trapping in flat CZTS solar cells, 1022712 (16 May 2017);
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