Front Matter: Volume 10363
Proc. SPIE 10363, Front Matter: Volume 10363, 1036301 (17 October 2017);
Organic Photonics + Electronics Plenary Session
Proc. SPIE 10363, The History and Progress of Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics (Conference Presentation), 1036302 ();
Structure and Morphology in Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics: Joint Session with Conferences 10348 and 10363
Proc. SPIE 10363, 2D compact model to characterize phase separation in organic solar cell bulk heterojunctions (Conference Presentation), 1036305 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Quantitative structure-function relations in PSCs from soft x-ray scattering (Conference Presentation), 1036306 ();
Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Organic Photovoltaics: Joint Session with Conferences 10348 and 10363
Proc. SPIE 10363, Triplet energy transfer and triplet exciton recycling in singlet fission sensitized organic heterojunctions, 1036307 (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Ultrafast terahertz snapshots of excitonic Rydberg states and electronic coherence in an organometal halide perovskite CH3NH3PbI3, 1036308 (25 August 2017);
Keynote Session: Advances in Organic, Hybrid, and Perovskite Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Hybrid metal halide perovskites: optoelectronic properties and stability (Conference Presentation), 1036309 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Oligomer-like small molecule based tandem solar cells with >12% PCEs (Conference Presentation), 103630A ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, A simple processing technique for the electrical doping of organic semiconductors (Conference Presentation), 103630C ();
Towards Commercial Production of Solar Modules
Proc. SPIE 10363, Up-scaling perovskite solar cell manufacturing from sheet-to-sheet to roll-to-roll: challenges and solutions, 103630E (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Roll-to-roll production of organic solar cells, 103630F (1 September 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, High performance roll-to-roll printed PTB7-Th/PCBM solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103630G ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Self-doped n-type interfacial materials for high-performance polymer/perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103630H ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, A new series connection architecture for large area printed organic solar cell modules (Conference Presentation), 103630I ();
Organic Photovoltaics: Beyond Fullerenes
Proc. SPIE 10363, Fullerene-free polymer solar cells with over 12% efficiencies (Conference Presentation), 103630J ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, RAMP-ing the discovery of high-performance organic photovoltaic materials (Conference Presentation), 103630K ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Impact of exciton transfer dynamics on charge generation in polymer/nonfullerene solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103630M ();
High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells
Proc. SPIE 10363, Perovskite tandem solar cells with greater than 25% efficiency and enhanced stability (Conference Presentation), 103630N ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Towards a reliable measurement protocol for perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103630O ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Solution-processed inorganic-organic halide perovskite and charge transport layers for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103630P ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Color tunable hybrid light-emitting diodes based on perovskite quantum dot/conjugated polymer, 103630Q (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, New low-temperature approach for forming high performance CH3NH3PbI3 solar cells with good productivity and stability (Conference Presentation), 103630S ();
Development of Electron Donors for Organic Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Over 11%-efficiency fullerene-free organic solar cells enabled by benign solvents (Conference Presentation), 103630X ();
Interfaces in Perovskite Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Pushing the lifetime of perovskite solar cell beyond 4500 h by the use of impermeable tin oxide electron extraction layers (Conference Presentation), 1036311 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Enhancement of efficiency for mixed metal Sn/Pb perovskite solar cells from the view point of hetero-interface traps (Conference Presentation), 1036313 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Interface engineering for large-area planar perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation), 1036314 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Estimating the surface recombination velocity at contacts in organic devices using charge extraction by linearly increasing voltage (Conference Presentation), 1036316 ();
Challenges to Improving the Efficiency of Organic Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Relating material properties to charge recombination mechanisms in solution processed solar cells (Conference Presentation), 1036317 ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Transport and recombination considerations for charge generation efficiency in organic solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103631A ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Carbon dangling bonds in photodegraded polymer:fullerene solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103631B ();
Growth and Characterization of Perovskite Films
Proc. SPIE 10363, Lead halide perovskites of different dimensionalities: growth, properties, and applications in optoelectronics (Conference Presentation), 103631D ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Mapping structural properties of lead halide perovskites by scanning nanofocus x-ray diffraction (Conference Presentation), 103631E ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Introduction of benzoquinone additive for efficient and stable planar perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation), 103631F ();
Proc. SPIE 10363, Understanding the role of titanium dioxide (TiO2) surface chemistry on the nucleation and energetics of hybrid perovskite films (Conference Presentation), 103631I ();
Influence of Structure and Morphology in Organic Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Innovative architecture design for high performance organic and hybrid multi-junction solar cells, 103631K (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Ternary blend polymer solar cells with wide-range light harvesting (Conference Presentation), 103631L ();
Towards Efficient and Stable Organic Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 10363, Stabilizing organic solar cells using antioxidants, radical scavengers and light stabilizers (Conference Presentation), 103631R ();
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 10363, Optical excitations dynamics at hetero-interfaces fullerene/quantum dots, 103632D (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Plasmon enhanced power conversion efficiency in inverted bulk heterojunction organic solar cell, 103632K (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Multiscale study of the formation of the PFI:PSS:PEDOT super structure and its HOMO-LUMO energies, 103632Q (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Effect of core modification in star-shaped donor-acceptor oligomers on physical properties and photovoltaic performance, 103632R (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Hybrid solar cell based on a-Si/polymer flat heterojunction on flexible substrates, 103632W (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Ultrashort pulsed laser-dicing of silicon wafers for the decollating of conventional and hybrid solar cells, 103632Z (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Analysis of the aging/stability process of organic solar cells based on PTB7:[70]PCBM and an alternative free-vacuum deposited cathode: the effect of active layer scaling, 1036333 (25 August 2017);
Proc. SPIE 10363, Effect of immerse an organic layer in isopropyl alcohol on characteristics of hybrid photovoltaic structures, 103633G (25 August 2017);
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