Organic Photovoltaics VII
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13-17 August 2006
San Diego, California, United States
Novel Concepts, Structures, and Materials for OPVs
Proc. SPIE 6334, Photovoltaic fibers, 633401 (15 November 2006);
Carrier Transport in OLEDs and OPVs: Joint Session with Conference 6333
Proc. SPIE 6334, Comparison of the field and Fermi level dependence of transport and recombination in polymer/C60 cells and solid state dye-sensitized cells, 633406 (15 November 2006);
Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Proc. SPIE 6334, TOF mobility measurements in pristine films of P3HT: control of hole injection and influence of film thickness, 633408 (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Performance enhancement of poly(3- hexylthiophene): methanofullerene bulk-heterojunction solar cells, 633409 (15 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Alternative device concepts for future requirements of organic photovoltaic cells, 63340A (3 November 2006);
Low-Band Gap Polymer OPVs
Proc. SPIE 6334, Charge carrier photogeneration and transport properties of a novel low-bandgap conjugated polymer for organic photovoltaics, 63340D (3 November 2006);
Exciton Diffusion
Proc. SPIE 6334, Exciton annihilation and diffusion in semiconducting polymers, 63340G (15 November 2006);
Science and Technology of OPVs
Proc. SPIE 6334, Origin of the open-circuit voltage in organic solar cells, 63340K (15 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Barix multilayer barrier technology for organic solar cells, 63340M (15 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Two-fold efficiency increase in nanocrystalline-TiO2/polymer photovoltaic devices by interfacial modification with a lithium salt, 63340N (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Three-dimensional chemical and physical analysis of the degradation mechanisms in organic photovoltaics, 63340O (3 November 2006);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 6334, Exciton dissociation and migration in enhanced-order conjugated polymer/nanoparticle hybrid materials, 63340Q (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Charge separation and transport properties of photovoltaic devices based on MEHPPV/TiO2 nanorods hybrid materials, 63340R (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Correlation between the temperature dependences of short-circuit current and carrier mobility in P3HT:PCBM blend solar cells, 63340S (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Low band gap polymers for organic solar cells, 63340T (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Nanocomposites for organic and hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells, 63340Y (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Morphological studies of a donor-bridge-acceptor block copolymer system, 63340Z (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Oxygen doping of iron phthalocyanine films, 633412 (14 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Effects of side-chains on low band gap polymer photovoltaic devices, 633415 (3 November 2006);
Proc. SPIE 6334, Tandem stacking structure for polymer solar cells by using semi-transparent electrodes, 633416 (3 November 2006);
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