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26-30 August 2007
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 6646, Front Matter: Volume 6646, 664601 (19 September 2007);
Bio-Polymer Photonics
Proc. SPIE 6646, DNA-hybrid materials for photonic applications, 664603 (6 September 2007);
Investigation and Characterization Techniques of DNA Films
Proc. SPIE 6646, Resistivity and electric-field poling behaviors of DNA-based polymers compared to selected non-DNA polymers, 664605 (12 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, Structure and optoelectrical properties of photopolymerized PAn/DNA complex, 664606 (6 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, Prism coupler and microscopic investigations of DNA films, 664607 (10 September 2007);
NLO Processes in Biomaterials
Proc. SPIE 6646, Thin film dye lasers based on DNA-lipid complex materials, 664608 (14 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, Optical amplification and laser action in cyanine dyes doped in DNA complex, 664609 (6 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, Cubic nonlinear optical effects in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) based materials containing chromophores, 66460A (6 September 2007);
Application and Characterization of Bio/Nanomaterials
Proc. SPIE 6646, Design of an all-optical spatial light modulator and logic gates with phototropin, 66460D (6 September 2007);
Biological Systems and Applications
Proc. SPIE 6646, An integrated bionanosensing method for airborne toxin detection, 66460F (6 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, The development of a nano-IMU using buoyancy-driven convection coupled with chemistry, 66460H (6 September 2007);
Proc. SPIE 6646, Experimental and Monte Carlo studies of diffraction grating inscription in DNA-based materials, 66460I (6 September 2007);
Bio-Materials for Semiconductor and Sensor Applications
Proc. SPIE 6646, High sensitivity surface enhanced Raman scattering detection in hollow core microstructured optical fibre, 66460M (6 September 2007);
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