SPIE BIOS | 19-24 JANUARY 2008
Mechanisms for Low-Light Therapy III

5 Sessions, 15 Papers, 0 Presentations
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19-24 January 2008
San Jose, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 6846, Front Matter: Volume 6846, 684601 (27 February 2008);
Reviews and Dosimetry
Proc. SPIE 6846, The role of nitric oxide in low level light therapy, 684602 (25 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, A 3D dose model for low level laser / led therapy biostimulation and bioinhibition, 684603 (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, How phototherapy affects the immune system, 684605 (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, The irradiation parameters investigation of photodynamic therapy on yeast cells, 684606 (12 February 2008);
In Vitro
Proc. SPIE 6846, Laser light induced modulations in metabolic activities in human brain cancer, 684607 (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Methylene blue aggregation in the presence of human saliva, 684608 (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Influence of the fractioned irradiation energy in the phototherapy with low intensity laser on the growth of human dental pulp fibroblasts, 68460A (12 February 2008);
In Vivo
Proc. SPIE 6846, Angiogenesis induced by low-intensity laser therapy: comparative study between single and fractioned dose on burn healing, 68460D (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Analgesic effect of simultaneous exposure to infrared laser radiation and μT magnetic field in rats, 68460E (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Photosensitization of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans with methylene blue: a microbiological and spectroscopic study, 68460F (21 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Antimicrobial comparison on effectiveness of endodontic therapy and endodontic therapy combined with photo-disinfection on patients with periapical lesion: a 6 month follow-up, 68460G (21 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Optical coherence tomography imaging for evaluating the photo biomodulation effects on tissue regeneration in the oral cavity, 68460H (12 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, The oral cavity as a guide for the application of low level laser energy and its direct effect on the autonomic nervous system providing true energy healing for all health practitioners, 68460I (21 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6846, Treating cerebral palsy with aculaser therapy, 68460L (12 February 2008);
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