Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 7052, Front Matter: Volume 7052, 705201 (7 October 2008);
Charge Injection and Transport in Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Solar Cells: Joint Session with Conference 7051
Proc. SPIE 7052, A doping mechanism for organic semiconductors derived from SXPS measurements on co-evaporated films of CuPc and TCNQ and on a TCNQ/CuPc interface, 705204 (26 August 2008);
Reliability of Flexible Packaging: Joint Session with Conference 7048
Proc. SPIE 7052, Efficiency and stability investigations of large area organic photovoltaic modules, 705205 (18 September 2008);
Accurate Measurement of the Efficiency of Organic Photovoltaic Devices
Proc. SPIE 7052, Accurate measurement of organic solar cell efficiency, 70520D (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Measurement issues of organic solar cell, 70520E (3 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Performance measurement of dye-sensitized solar cells and organic polymer solar cells, 70520F (25 September 2008);
Multilayer Organic Photovoltaics with a p-i-n Structure
Proc. SPIE 7052, Efficient organic p-i-n solar cells having very thick codeposited i-layer composed of highly purified organic semiconductors, 70520H (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Organic photovoltaic cell based on benzoporphyrin with p-i-n junction, 70520J (26 August 2008);
Physics of Multi- and Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Proc. SPIE 7052, Implications of a reduced polaron recombination on polymer: fullerene solar cells, 70520N (3 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Interdigitated photoconductors using organic and small molecule materials, 70520O (26 August 2008);
Hybrid Solar Cells with Organic and Inorganic Components
Proc. SPIE 7052, Improved performance of polymer/TiO2 nanorods bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devices by interface modification, 70520S (3 September 2008);
New Materials for Organic Photovoltaics
Proc. SPIE 7052, Development of Si-bridged conjugated donor polymers for high-efficiency bulk-heterojunction photovoltaic devices, 70520W (25 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, A low energy gap and fully regioregular poly(3-Dodecyl-2,5-thienylenevinylene) for photovoltaics, 70520Y (27 August 2008);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 7052, Schottky barrier formation using composite of polyaniline containing iron oxides, 705212 (7 October 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Dye-sensitized solar cells based on ZnO nanorod arrays, 705213 (25 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Calamatic liquid crystal blends for organic photovoltaics, 705214 (27 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Fabrication of bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells with controlled distribution of p-n components by evaporative spray deposition using ultradilute solution, 705215 (3 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Efficacious photocurrent generation and carrier transport by quantum dot decorated carbon nanotubes, 705216 (3 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Fabrication and characterisation of polymer based solar cells, 705217 (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Charge transport properties of low temperature solution processable poly(3-hexylthiophene)/surface modified TiO2 bulk heterojunction systems, 705219 (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Improving the conductivity of hole injection layer by heating PEDOT:PSS, 70521B (25 September 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, New deep-red-emitting polymers derived from indenoindene and benzothiadiazole for photovoltaic cells, 70521G (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Colloidal crystals as nanostructured templates for organic solar cells, 70521H (26 August 2008);
Proc. SPIE 7052, Organic photovoltaic cells based on functionalized pentacenes, 70521J (1 October 2008);
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