SPIE BIOS | 24-29 JANUARY 2009
Optical Diagnostics and Sensing IX
Editor(s): Gerard L. Coté
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24-29 January 2009
San Jose, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 7186, Front Matter: Volume 7186, 718601 (20 March 2009);
Optical Glucose Monitoring
Proc. SPIE 7186, Real-time dual wavelength polarimetry for glucose sensing, 718604 (20 February 2009);
Optic and Fiber Optic Blood Flow Measurements
Proc. SPIE 7186, Flow of blood-saline mixtures studied by time-domain optical coherence tomography, 718607 (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Time domain algorithm for whole field laser Doppler perfusion imaging, 718608 (13 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, A non-invasive miniaturized-wireless laser-Doppler fiber optic sensor for understanding distal fingertip injuries in astronauts, 718609 (3 March 2009);
Optical Tissue Measurements and Dermal Clearing
Proc. SPIE 7186, Quantifying the effect of milli-molar glucose concentration on thickness of rabbit cornea with optical coherence tomography, 71860B (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Combined laser and glycerol enhancing skin optical clearing, 71860D (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Noninvasive NIR monitoring of interstitial ethanol concentration, 71860E (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Validating the cancer diagnosis potential of mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging, 71860F (20 February 2009);
Optical Biosensors
Proc. SPIE 7186, Computational study on cortical spreading depression based on a generalized cellular automaton model, 71860H (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Ultra high phase sensitive surface plasmon resonance biosensor, 71860I (20 February 2009);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 7186, Physical and thermal properties of human teeth determined by photomechanical, photothermal images to rapidly diagnose, 71860K (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Influence of skin tissue properties on the radial reference point for glucose measurement, 71860N (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Data correction method based on the floating reference point for the noninvasive glucose sensing, 71860O (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Ballistic photons in tissue characterization study, 71860P (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Temperature influence on non-invasive blood glucose measurement, 71860R (20 February 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7186, Time-of-flight application for fluid flow measurement, 71860S (20 February 2009);
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