Spintronics IV
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21-25 August 2011
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 8100, Front Matter: Volume 8100, 810001 (23 September 2011);
Spin Coherence
Proc. SPIE 8100, Quantum spin Hall effect in 2D topological insulators, 810003 (7 September 2011);
Spin-Injection I
Proc. SPIE 8100, Optical spin orientation in SiGe heterostructures, 810007 (16 September 2011);
Spin-Injection II
Proc. SPIE 8100, Spin polarized electroluminescence and spin photocurrent in hybrid semiconductor/ferromagnetic heterostructures: an asymmetric problem, 810009 (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Optically oriented electron spin transmission across ferromagnet/ semiconductor interfaces, 81000A (16 September 2011);
Magnetism I
Proc. SPIE 8100, The paradoxical role played by the angular momentum conservation in magnetization dynamics, 81000C (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Ferromagnetic nanodisks for magnonic crystals and waveguides, 81000D (16 September 2011);
Quantum Dots I
Proc. SPIE 8100, Carrier and nuclear spin pumping in strain free GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy, 81000H (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Generation of pure spin currents in a single electron transistor with a superconducting island, 81000I (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Single spins in quantum dots and impurities, 81000J (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Nuclear spin dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures, 81000K (16 September 2011);
Quantum Dots II and Magnetism II
Proc. SPIE 8100, Inelastic light scattering of hole spin excitations in p-modulation-doped GaAs-AlGaAs single quantum wells, 81000N (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, New insights into nanomagnetism: spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studies, 81000O (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Single domain wall magnetoresistance electron-beam fabrication and magnetoresistance measurement, 81000P (16 September 2011);
Multiferoïc and Graphene I
Proc. SPIE 8100, Enhanced spin injection efficiency and extended spin lifetimes in graphene spin valves, 81000Q (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Magnetic surface states in high polarization materials, 81000T (16 September 2011);
Multiferoïc and Graphene II
Proc. SPIE 8100, Reconfigurable nanoelectronics using graphene based spintronic logic gates, 81000W (16 September 2011);
MgO Barrier
Proc. SPIE 8100, Direct graphene growth on MgO(111) by physical vapor deposition: interfacial chemistry and band gap formation, 81000Y (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Influence of lattice relaxation on the electron-spin motion in ferromagnetic films: experiment and theory, 81000Z (16 September 2011);
Spin Current and Spin-Orbit Coupling
Proc. SPIE 8100, Probability current in presence of Spin-Orbit Interaction, 810012 (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Electron-beam formation from spin-orbit interactions in zinc-blende semiconductor quantum wells, 810014 (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Anisotropic spin dephasing in a (110)-grown high-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well measured by resonant spin amplification technique, 810015 (16 September 2011);
Spin Transfer I
Proc. SPIE 8100, Synchronization of high power vortex oscillators at multiple of the fundamental frequency, 810016 (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Injection locking of single-vortex and double-vortex spin-torque oscillators, 810018 (16 September 2011);
Spin Transfer II
Proc. SPIE 8100, Different geometries for spin-transfer oscillators, 81001C (16 September 2011);
Organic Materials
Proc. SPIE 8100, Electrical transport in a hybrid organic/inorganic heterostructure, 81001E (16 September 2011);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 8100, Simulation of spin MOSFETs, 81001J (16 September 2011);
Proc. SPIE 8100, Defect induced Raman active modes in Mn doped ZnO thin films, 81001L (16 September 2011);
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