Nanotechnology VI
Editor(s): Rainer Adelung

6 Sessions, 18 Papers, 0 Presentations
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24-26 April 2013
Grenoble, France
Front Matter: Volume 8766
Proc. SPIE 8766, Front Matter: Volume 8766, 876601 (29 May 2013);
Quantum Dots and Nanowires
Proc. SPIE 8766, Dense chains of stacked quantum dots in Ge/Si heterostructures, 876606 (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Optical absorption cross section and quantum efficiency of a single silicon quantum dot, 876607 (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Properties of individual GaP/ZnO core-shell nanowires with radial PN junction, 876609 (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Photoconductivity of catalyst-free grown aluminum nitride nanowires, 87660A (22 May 2013);
Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene
Proc. SPIE 8766, Graphene nanoelectronics for high-frequency applications, 87660C (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Humidity sensing of an epoxy/MWCNT composite by electrical conductivity measurements, 87660D (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Amorphous silicon-graphene anodes for lithium ion batteries, 87660E (22 May 2013);
Nanoparticles for Biomedicine
Proc. SPIE 8766, Effects of morphology on the emission of photons from GaN membranes fabricated using surface charge lithography, 87660I (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Diffractive microstructures based on metallic nanowires: a low cost solution for optical focusing devices, 87660L (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Influence of irregular growth of monoatomic steps during Si/Si(001) epitaxy on generation of surface defects, 87660M (22 May 2013);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 8766, Calculation of nanoparticle surface shape instability development, 87660O (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Optical properties of silver nanoparticles coated by cyanine dyes molecular overlayers, 87660Q (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Simulation of size distribution functions evolution in colloidal solutions of zinc oxide nanoparticles, 87660R (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Modelling the initial stage of porous alumina growth during anodization, 87660T (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Creation of entangled photons by two level atom trapped in one-dimensional nanocavity with weakly decaying resonance mode, 87660U (22 May 2013);
Proc. SPIE 8766, Gold nanoparticles embedded in organic/inorganic hybrid matrix: electrical and electrochemical behavior (Withdrawal Notice), 87660W (22 May 2013);
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