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13-17 April 2014
Brussels, Belgium
Front Matter: Volume 9125
Proc. SPIE 9125, Front Matter: Volume 9125, 912501 (14 May 2014);
Self-Assembled Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9125, Tailoring of the circular dichroism produced by Au covered self-ordered dielectric nanospheres, 912508 (2 May 2014);
Dielectric Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9125, Chirality and polarization-dependent characteristics of dielectric single gyroid metamaterials, 91250F (2 May 2014);
Nano-Plasmonic Biosensors and Photodetectors
Proc. SPIE 9125, Surface plasmon polariton waves onto graphene's surface over an anisotropic metamaterial substrate, 91250H (2 May 2014);
Active Metamaterials and Special Effects
Proc. SPIE 9125, Metamaterials enhancing optical forces, 91250N (2 May 2014);
Active and Nonlinear Plasmonics and Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9125, Bulk photovoltaic effect in photoconductive metamaterials based on cone-shaped nanoparticles, 91250W (2 May 2014);
THz Metamaterials
Proc. SPIE 9125, Miniaturization of metamaterial electrical resonators at the terahertz spectrum, 912511 (2 May 2014);
Metamaterial Nanofabrication
Proc. SPIE 9125, Permittivity, specific resistivity and surface roughness of silver nanolayers for plasmonic applications, 912519 (2 May 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9125, Negative index fishnet structures with nanopillars formed by nanoimprint lithography, 91251A (2 May 2014);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9125, Modelling angle resolved complex reflection and transmission coefficients from fishnet structure formed from nanoimprint lithography, 91251H (2 May 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9125, Optical properties of TiO2:Ag composites, 91251J (2 May 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9125, Internally twisted non-centrosymmetric optical metamaterials, 91251L (2 May 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9125, Existence conditions for bulk large-wavevector waves in metal-dielectric and graphene-dielectric multilayer hyperbolic metamaterials, 91251M (2 May 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9125, Gold asymmetric split ring resonators (A-SRRs) for nano sensing of estradiol, 91251O (2 May 2014);
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