Nanostructured Thin Films VII
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17-21 August 2014
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 9172
Proc. SPIE 9172, Front Matter: Volume 9172, 917201 (9 September 2014);
Keynote Session
Proc. SPIE 9172, Low dimensional optics, 917202 (27 August 2014);
Functional Nanostructures I
Proc. SPIE 9172, Confined modes on a meta-surface, 917203 (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Design a symmetrical film stack as a negative index metamaterial, 917204 (27 August 2014);
Functional Nanostructures II
Proc. SPIE 9172, Nanostructured thin films and their macrobehaviors, 917206 (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Nano-structures for high intensity fiber laser applications, 917207 (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, PbS sculptured thin film and their effect on liquid crystals alignment, 917209 (27 August 2014);
Towards Applications I
Proc. SPIE 9172, New physics and applications of apertures in thin metal films, 91720A (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Nanostructured refractory thin films for solar applications, 91720B (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Stretchable conducting materials with multi-scale hierarchical structures for biomedical applications, 91720D (27 August 2014);
Theoretical and Numerical Studies
Proc. SPIE 9172, Engineering wavefront with Huygens, Fermat, Bragg, Friedel, and Fresnel laws (presentation video), 91720E (17 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Computer-based numerical simulations of adsorption in nanostructures, 91720F (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Waves in tape helix loaded liquid crystal optical fiber, 91720G (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Shift happens: optical sensing with Dyakonov-Tamm waves, 91720H (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Voigt waves in electro–optic homogenized composite materials, 91720I (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Local field enhancement effects for dielectric coatings on silver nanorod arrays, 91720J (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Study of partial discharge characteristics of nano filled polypropylene films according to the variation in electric field distribution on the sample, 91720K (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Ultra-thin metal oxide based light controlled converter for sensing surface chemicals, 91720L (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Magnetic, magnetooptical and magnetotransport properties of Ti-substituted Co2FeGa thin films, 91720M (27 August 2014);
Functional Nanostructures III
Proc. SPIE 9172, Investigation into the effect of space charges on the surface erosion of synthetic and natural organoclay nanofilled PP films, 91720O (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Optical properties of porphyrin: graphene oxide composites, 91720P (27 August 2014);
Towards Applications II
Proc. SPIE 9172, Nanocrystalline cellulose for optical encryption, 91720R (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Optical, electrical and structural study of metallic nano-structured thin films fabricated by oblique angle deposition, 91720T (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Mimumes for SUBTLE applications, 91720V (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Bottom-up fabrication of non-close-packed nanopillar arrays for photonic applications, 91720W (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Tungsten-oxide thin films of dense, columnar, and chiral morphologies, 91720X (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, The effect of the substrate temperature and the acceleration potential drop on the structural and physical properties of SiC thin films deposed by TVA method, 91720Y (27 August 2014);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9172, Deposition condition influence on optical properties of indium tin oxide, 917211 (27 August 2014);
Proc. SPIE 9172, Effect of aging with partial discharges on the remnant breakdown strength of polypropylene films with natural and synthetic nanofillers, 917214 (27 August 2014);
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