Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XV: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Editor(s): Gerard L. Coté
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7-12 February 2015
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 9332
Proc. SPIE 9332, Front Matter: Volume 9332, 933201 (14 April 2015);
Optical Approaches for Aqueous Fluid Monitoring
Proc. SPIE 9332, Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy as a bedside diagnostic tool for detecting renal disease biomarkers in fresh urine samples, 933202 (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Gold sputtered Blu-Ray disks as novel and cost effective sensors for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, 933207 (9 March 2015);
Glucose Monitoring Using Optics
Proc. SPIE 9332, Long term response of a Concanavalin-A based fluorescence glucose sensing assay, 933208 (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Ex-vivo glucose sensors using micro-dialysis: importance of on-line recovery rate determination by multi-analyte infrared spectrometry, 933209 (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Low-cost high performance readout system for fiber-optic biosensors, 93320A (9 March 2015);
In vitro Optical Blood Monitoring
Proc. SPIE 9332, Comparing surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy from colloidal gold nanoparticles and nanocages, 93320C (16 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Label-free, multiplexed, molecular sensing and imaging by stamping SERS, 93320E (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Gold-nanoshells as surface plasmon resonance (SPR), 93320G (9 March 2015);
In vivo Optical Monitoring of Blood and Blood Biomarkers
Proc. SPIE 9332, Non-invasive in vivo monitoring of circulating amphotericin b using multi-wavelength photoplethysmography, 93320H (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Venous pooling and drainage affects photoplethysmographic signals at different vertical hand positions, 93320I (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Novel multi wavelength sensor concept to detect total hemoglobin concentration, methemoglobin and oxygen saturation, 93320J (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Optical diagnosis of acute scrotum in children, 93320L (9 March 2015);
Optical Systems for Remote Monitoring Globally
Proc. SPIE 9332, Google glass based immunochromatographic diagnostic test analysis, 93320M (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Integrated elastic microscope device, 93320N (9 March 2015);
Optical Imaging for Diagnosis of Precancer and Cancer
Proc. SPIE 9332, Design and validation of a diffuse reflectance and spectroscopic microendoscope with poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based phantoms, 93320R (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Assessing dysplasia of a bronchial biopsy with FTIR spectroscopic imaging, 93320S (9 March 2015);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 9332, Sample to answer visualization pipeline for low-cost point-of-care blood cell counting, 93320V (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Hyperspectral imaging for detection of cholesterol in human skin, 93320W (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Determination of in vivo skin moisture level by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy, 93320Y (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Refractive index measurement using an optical cavity based biosensor with a differential detection, 93320Z (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Paper-basd surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of pnenobarbital sodium for point-of-care therapeutic drug monitoring, 933210 (10 April 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Biomedical applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), 933211 (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Multivariate optical computing for fluorochrome discrimination, 933212 (9 March 2015);
Proc. SPIE 9332, Measurement of contrast of phantom and in vivo subsurface blood vessels using two near-infrared imaging systems, 933213 (9 March 2015);
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