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3 March 2017 Towards practical cost-effective lens-free imaging
Abdulkadir Yurt, Richard Stahl, Geert Vanmeerbeeck, Ziduo Lin, Murali Jayapala, Andy Lambrechts
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Lens-free holographic microscopy (LHM) is a promising imaging technique for life science and industrial applications, yet system miniaturization and cost reduction without compromising imaging performance remain challenging for field applications in low-resource settings. We demonstrate a cost-effective LHM system without needs for precision optical and mechanical parts (such as lenses, beam-splitters, or kinematic stages) and relies solely on robust optoelectronic hardware and software co-design for high performance imaging. The compact and lightweight form-factor is achieved through integration of light sources, an image sensor and all control electronics with automated calibration and multiwavelength reconstruction algorithms. Amplitude and phase images of a sample can be reconstructed in a few seconds with a micron level optical resolution in a field-of-view of 16.5 mm2. The method offers a portable and scalable solution for microscopic imaging applications.
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Abdulkadir Yurt, Richard Stahl, Geert Vanmeerbeeck, Ziduo Lin, Murali Jayapala, and Andy Lambrechts "Towards practical cost-effective lens-free imaging", Proc. SPIE 10055, Optics and Biophotonics in Low-Resource Settings III, 100550J (3 March 2017);

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