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18 February 2017 Assessment of using ultrasound images as prior for diffuse optical tomography regularization matrix
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Imaging of tissue with Ultrasound-guided diffuse optical tomography (DOT) is a rising imaging technique to map hemoglobin concentrations within tissue for breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Near-infrared optical imaging received a lot of attention in research as a possible technique to be used for such purpose especially for breast tumors. Since DOT images contrast is closely related to oxygenation and deoxygenating of the hemoglobin, which is an important factor in differentiating malignant and benign tumors. One of the optical imaging modalities used is the diffused optical tomography (DOT); which probes deep scattering tissue (1-5cm) by NIR optical source-detector probe and detects NIR photons in the diffusive regime. The photons in the diffusive regime usually reach the detector without significant information about their source direction and the propagation path. Because of that, the optical reconstruction problem of the medium characteristics is ill-posed even with the tomography and Back-projection techniques. The accurate recovery of images requires an effective image reconstruction method. Here, we illustrate a method in which ultrasound images are encoded as prior for regularization of the inversion matrix. Results were evaluated using phantom experiments of low and high absorption contrasts. This method improves differentiation between the low and the high contrasts targets. Ultimately, this method could improve malignant and benign cases by increasing reconstructed absorption ratio of malignant to benign. Besides that, the phantom results show improvements in target shape as well as the spatial resolution of the DOT reconstructed images.
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Murad Althobaiti, Hamed Vavadi, and Quing Zhu "Assessment of using ultrasound images as prior for diffuse optical tomography regularization matrix ", Proc. SPIE 10059, Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue XII, 1005921 (18 February 2017);

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