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3 March 2017 Possibility of transrectal photoacoustic imaging-guided biopsy for detection of prostate cancer
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A transrectral ultrasonography (TRUS) guided prostate biopsy is mandatory for histological diagnosis in patients with an elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA), but its diagnostic accuracy is not satisfactory; therefore, a considerable number of patients are forced to have an unnecessary repeated biopsy.

Photoacoustic (PA) imaging has the ability to visualize the distribution of hemoglobin clearly. Thus, there is the potential to acquire different maps of small vessel networks between cancerous and normal tissue. We developed an original TRUS-type PA probe consisting of a microconvex array transducer with an optical illumination system providing coregistered PA and ultrasound images. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the clinical possibility of a transrectral PA image.

The prostate biopsy cores obtained by transrectal systemic biopsies under TRUS guidance were stained with HE staining and anti-CD34 antibodies as a marker of the endothelium of the blood vessel in order to find a pattern in the map of a small vessel network, which allows for imaging-based identification of prostate cancer. We analyzed the association of PA signal patterns, the cancer location by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study, and the pathological diagnosis with CD34 stains as a prospective intervention study.

In order to demonstrate the TRUS-merged-with-PA imaging guided targeted biopsy combined with a standard biopsy for capturing the clinically significant tumors, we developed a puncture needle guide attachment for the original TRUS-type PA probe.
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Miya Ishihara, Masayuki Shinchi M.D., Akio Horiguchi M.D., Hiroshi Shinmoto M.D., Hitoshi Tsuda M.D., Kaku Irisawa, Takatsugu Wada, and Tomohiko Asano M.D. "Possibility of transrectal photoacoustic imaging-guided biopsy for detection of prostate cancer", Proc. SPIE 10064, Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2017, 100642U (3 March 2017);

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