22 February 2017 Optics for multimode lasers with elongated depth of field
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Modern multimode high-power lasers are widely used in industrial applications and control of their radiation, especially by focusing, is of great importance. Because of relatively low optical quality, characterized by high values of specifications Beam Parameter Product (BPP) or M², the depth of field by focusing of multimode laser radiation is narrow. At the same time laser technologies like deep penetration welding, cutting of thick metal sheets get benefits from elongated depth of field in area of focal plane, therefore increasing of zone along optical axis with minimized spot size is important technical task. As a solution it is suggested to apply refractive optical systems splitting an initial laser beam into several beamlets, which are focused in different foci separated along optical axis with providing reliable control of energy portions in each separate focus, independently of beam size or mode structure. With the multi-focus optics, the length of zone of material processing along optical axis is defined rather by distances between separate foci, which are determined by optical design of the optics and can be chosen according to requirements of a particular laser technology. Due to stability of the distances between foci there is provided stability of a technology process. This paper describes some design features of refractive multi-focus optics, examples of real implementations and experimental results will be presented as well.
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Alexander Laskin, Vadim Laskin, Aleksei Ostrun, "Optics for multimode lasers with elongated depth of field", Proc. SPIE 10085, Components and Packaging for Laser Systems III, 100850K (22 February 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2249535; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2249535


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