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20 February 2017 Full-color stereoscopic single-pixel camera based on DMD technology
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Imaging systems based on microstructured illumination and single-pixel detection offer several advantages over conventional imaging techniques. They are an effective method for imaging through scattering media even in the dynamic case. They work efficiently under low light levels, and the simplicity of the detector makes it easy to design imaging systems working out of the visible spectrum and to acquire multidimensional information. In particular, several approaches have been proposed to record 3D information. The technique is based on sampling the object with a sequence of microstructured light patterns codified onto a programmable spatial light modulator while light intensity is measured with a single-pixel detector. The image is retrieved computationally from the photocurrent fluctuations provided by the detector. In this contribution we describe an optical system able to produce full-color stereoscopic images by using few and simple optoelectronic components. In our setup we use an off-the-shelf digital light projector (DLP) based on a digital micromirror device (DMD) to generate the light patterns. To capture the color of the scene we take advantage of the codification procedure used by the DLP for color video projection. To record stereoscopic views we use a 90° beam splitter and two mirrors, allowing us two project the patterns form two different viewpoints. By using a single monochromatic photodiode we obtain a pair of color images that can be used as input in a 3-D display. To reduce the time we need to project the patterns we use a compressive sampling algorithm. Experimental results are shown.
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Eva Salvador-Balaguer, Pere Clemente, Enrique Tajahuerce, Filiberto Pla, and Jesús Lancis "Full-color stereoscopic single-pixel camera based on DMD technology", Proc. SPIE 10117, Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications IX, 101170M (20 February 2017);

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