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16 February 2017 Influence of interconnection on the long-term reliability of UV LED packages
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High power LEDs have conquered the mass market in recent years. Besides the main development focus to achieve higher productivity in the field of visible semiconductor LED processing, the wavelength range is further enhanced by active research and development in the direction of UVA / UVB / UVC. UVB and UVC LEDs are new and promising due to their numerous advantages. UV LEDs emit in a near range of one single emission peak with a width (FWHM) below 15 nm compared to conventional mercury discharge lamps and xenon sources, which show broad spectrums with many emission peaks over a wide range of wavelengths. Furthermore, the UV LED size is in the range of a few hundred microns and offers a high potential of significant system miniaturization. Of course, LED efficiency, lifetime and output power have to be increased [1]. Lifetime limiting issues of UVB/UVC-LED are the very high thermal stress in the chip resulting from the higher forward voltages (6-10 V @ 350 mA), the lower external quantum efficiency, below 10 % (most of the power disappears as heat), and the thermal resistance Rth of conventional LED packages being not able to dissipate these large amounts of heat for spreading. Beside the circuit boards and submounts which should have maximum thermal conductivity, the dimension of contacts as well as the interconnection of UV LED to the submount/package determinates the resolvable amount of heat [2]. In the paper different innovative interconnection techniques for UVC-LED systems will be discussed focused on the optimization of thermal conductivity in consideration of the assembly costs. Results on thermal simulation for the optimal contact dimensions and interconnections will be given. In addition, these theoretical results will be compared with results on electrical characterization as well as IR investigations on real UV LED packages in order to give recommendations for optimal UV LED assembly.
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S. Nieland, D. Mitrenga, D. Karolewski, O. Brodersen, and T. Ortlepp "Influence of interconnection on the long-term reliability of UV LED packages", Proc. SPIE 10124, Light-Emitting Diodes: Materials, Devices, and Applications for Solid State Lighting XXI, 101240S (16 February 2017);

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