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3 May 2017 High-performance mushroom plasmonic metamaterial absorbers for infrared polarimetric imaging
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Infrared (IR) polarimetric imaging is a promising approach to enhance object recognition with conventional IR imaging for applications such as artificial object recognition from the natural environment and facial recognition. However, typical infrared polarimetric imaging requires the attachment of polarizers to an IR camera or sensor, which leads to high cost and lower performance caused by their own IR radiation. We have developed asymmetric mushroom plasmonic metamaterial absorbers (A-MPMAs) to address this challenge. The A-MPMAs have an all-Al construction that consists of micropatches and a reflector layer connected with hollow rectangular posts. The asymmetric-shaped micropatches lead to strong polarization-selective IR absorption due to localized surface plasmon resonance at the micropatches. The operating wavelength region can be controlled mainly by the micropatch and the hollow rectangular post size. AMPMAs are complicated three-dimensional structures, the fabrication of which is challenging. Hollow rectangular post structures are introduced to enable simple fabrication using conventional surface micromachining techniques, such as sacrificial layer etching, with no degradation of the optical properties. The A-MPMAs have a smaller thermal mass than metal-insulator-metal based metamaterials and no influence of the strong non-linear dispersion relation of the insulator materials constant, which produces a gap in the wavelength region and additional absorption insensitive to polarization. A-MPMAs are therefore promising candidates for uncooled IR polarimetric image sensors in terms of both their optical properties and ease of fabrication. The results presented here are expected to contribute to the development of highperformance polarimetric uncooled IR image sensors that do not require polarizers.
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Shinpei Ogawa, Daisuke Fujisawa, Hisatoshi Hata, Mitsuharu Uetsuki, Takafumi Kuboyama, and Masafumi Kimata "High-performance mushroom plasmonic metamaterial absorbers for infrared polarimetric imaging", Proc. SPIE 10177, Infrared Technology and Applications XLIII, 101771S (3 May 2017);

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