1 May 2017 Room temperature 1040fps, 1 megapixel photon-counting image sensor with 1.1um pixel pitch
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A 1Mjot single-bit quanta image sensor (QIS) implemented in a stacked backside-illuminated (BSI) process is presented. This is the first work to report a megapixel photon-counting CMOS-type image sensor to the best of our knowledge. A QIS with 1.1μm pitch tapered-pump-gate jots is implemented with cluster-parallel readout, where each cluster of jots is associated with its own dedicated readout electronics stacked under the cluster. Power dissipation is reduced with this cluster readout because of the reduced column bus parasitic capacitance, which is important for the development of 1Gjot arrays. The QIS functions at 1040fps with binary readout and dissipates only 17.6mW, including I/O pads. The readout signal chain uses a fully differential charge-transfer amplifier (CTA) gain stage before a 1b-ADC to achieve an energy/bit FOM of 16.1pJ/b and 6.9pJ/b for the whole sensor and gain stage+ADC, respectively. Analog outputs with on-chip gain are implemented for pixel characterization purposes.
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S. Masoodian, J. Ma, D. Starkey, T. J. Wang, Y. Yamashita, and E. R. Fossum "Room temperature 1040fps, 1 megapixel photon-counting image sensor with 1.1um pixel pitch", Proc. SPIE 10212, Advanced Photon Counting Techniques XI, 102120H (1 May 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2277794; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2277794

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