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5 May 2017 IR thermography for the assessment of the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys
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Aluminium alloys are here considered as a structural material for aerospace applications, guaranteeing lightness and strength at the same time. As aluminium alone is not particularly performing from a mechanical point of view, in this experimental solution it is produced as an alloy with Lithium added at 6 % in weight. To increase furtherly the strength of the material, two new alloys are produced by adding 0.5 % in weight of the rare earth elements Neodymium (Nd) and Yttrium (Y). The improvement of the mechanical properties is measured by means of hardness tests. At the same time the thermophysical properties are measured as well, at various temperature, from 80 °C to 500 °C. Thermal diffusivity is measured by Laser Flash equipment in vacuum. One possible drawback of the Al-Li alloy produced at so high percentage of Li (6 %) is an essential anisotropy that is evaluated by IR thermography thank to its imaging properties that allows to measure simultaneously both the in-plane and through-depth thermal diffusivity.
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S. Nazarov, S. Rossi, P. Bison, and I. Calliari "IR thermography for the assessment of the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys", Proc. SPIE 10214, Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXIX, 1021410 (5 May 2017);

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