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16 June 2017 Development of ultrashort x-ray/gamma-ray sources using ultrahigh power lasers (Conference Presentation)
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Short-pulse x-ray/gamma-ray sources have become indispensable light sources for investigating material science, bio technology, and photo-nuclear physics. In past decades, rapid advancement of high intensity laser technology led extensive progresses in the field of radiation sources based on laser-plasma interactions - x-ray lasers, betatron radiation and Compton gamma-rays. Ever since the installation of a 100-TW laser in 2006, we have pursued the development of ultrashort x-ray/gamma-ray radiations, such as x-ray lasers, relativistic high-order harmonics, betatron radiation and all-optical Compton gamma-rays. With the construction of two PW Ti:Sapphire laser beamlines having peak powers of 1.0 PW and 1.5 PW in 2010 and 2012, respectively [1], we have investigated the generation of multi-GeV electron beams [2] and MeV betatron radiations. We plan to carry out the Compton backscattering to generate MeV gamma-rays from the interaction of a GeV electron beam and a PW laser beam. Here, we present the recent progress in the development of ultrashort x-ray/gamma-ray radiation sources based on laser plasma interactions and the plan for developing Compton gamma-ray sources driven by the PW lasers. In addition, we will present the applications of laser-plasma x-ray lasers to x-ray holography and coherent diffraction imaging. [references] 1. J. H. Sung, S. K. Lee, T. J. Yu, T. M. Jeong, and J. Lee, Opt. Lett. 35, 3021 (2010). 2. H. T. Kim, K. H. Pae, H. J. Cha, I J. Kim, T. J. Yu, J. H. Sung, S. K. Lee, T. M. Jeong, J. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 165002 (2013).
Conference Presentation
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Hyung Taek Kim, Kazuhisa Nakajima, Calin Hojbota, Jong Ho Jeon, Yong-Joo Rhee, Kyung Hwan Lee, Seong Ku Lee, Jae Hee Sung, Hwang Woon Lee, Vishwa B. Pathak, Ki Hong Pae, Stéphane Sebban, Fabien Tissandier, Julien Gautier, Kim Ta Phuoc, Victor Malka, and Chang Hee Nam "Development of ultrashort x-ray/gamma-ray sources using ultrahigh power lasers (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10243, X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources: Development and Applications, 102430A (16 June 2017);


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