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30 July 1997 Moessbauer spectroscopy of iron containing polymers
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The "Mossbauer effect" is the recoil-free nuclear resonance absorption. The phenomenon was discovered in 1958 by the German physicist Rudolf L. Mossbauer, who was awarded the nobel prize for this work1. Mossbauer discovered the recoilffee absorption with the heavy nucleus 193 Ir. Resonance absorption is the absorption of a quantum of energy which is equal to the difference between 2 energy states of a system. It has long been known in connection with electronic transitions. The energy states of an atomic nucleus are similarly quantized discrete values. Therefore it was expected that the ground state of a nucleus might be able to absorb the y-radiation emitted by activated nuclei of the same species. However the experimental demonstration of this nuclear resonance absorption turned out to be difficult because of the kinetic energy change of the emitting nucleus, which is called the recoil energy.
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Hilmar Franke "Moessbauer spectroscopy of iron containing polymers", Proc. SPIE 10291, Materials Characterization and Optical Probe Techniques: A Critical Review, 1029106 (30 July 1997);


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