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7 September 2017 Pump-probe spectroscopy and imaging of heme proteins: temperature effects and data analysis
Erkang Wang, Scott R. Domingue, Randy A. Bartels, Jesse W. Wilson
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Ultrafast pump-probe microscopy enables visualization of non-fluorescent materials in biological tissue, such as melanin and hemoglobin. Whereas transient absorption has been primarily a physical chemistry technique, used to gain insight into molecular and electronic structure, pump-probe microscopy represents a paradigm shift in translating transient absorption into an analytical technique, which can clearly resolve pigments with nearly indistinguishable linear absorption spectra. Extending this technique to other important targets, such as mitochondrial respiratory chain hemes, will require new laser sources and new data processing techniques to estimate heme content from the pump-probe response. We will present recent developments on both of these fronts. The laser system we have developed to elicit a pump probe response of respiratory chain hemes is based on an amplified Yb:fiber ultrafast laser that uses modest spectral broadening followed by sum frequency generation to produce a tunable pulse pair in the visible region. Wavelength tuning is accomplished by changing quasi-phase matching conditions. We will present preliminary imaging data in addition to discussing management of sample heating problems that arise from performing transient absorption measurements at the high repetition rates needed for imaging microscopy. In the second part of the talk, we will present the use of regularized and non-negative least squares fitting, along with feature-preserving noise removal to estimate composition of a pixel from its pump-probe response.
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Erkang Wang, Scott R. Domingue, Randy A. Bartels, and Jesse W. Wilson "Pump-probe spectroscopy and imaging of heme proteins: temperature effects and data analysis", Proc. SPIE 10380, Ultrafast Nonlinear Imaging and Spectroscopy V, 103800Q (7 September 2017);

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