29 August 2017 Design of a line-VISAR interferometer system for the Sandia Z Machine
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A joint team comprised of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) personnel is designing a line-VISAR (Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector) for the Sandia Z Machine, Z Line-VISAR. The diagnostic utilizes interferometry to assess current delivery as a function of radius during a magnetically-driven implosion. The Z Line-VISAR system is comprised of the following: a two-leg line-VISAR interferometer, an eight-channel Gated Optical Imager (GOI), and a fifty-meter transport beampath to/from the target of interest.

The Z Machine presents unique optomechanical design challenges. The machine utilizes magnetically driven pulsed power to drive a target to elevated temperatures and pressures useful for high energy density science. Shock accelerations exceeding 30g and a strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) are generated during the shot event as the machine discharges currents of over 25 million amps. Sensitive optical components must be protected from shock loading, and electrical equipment must be adequately shielded from the EMP. The optical design must accommodate temperature and humidity fluctuations in the facility as well as airborne hydrocarbons from the pulsed power components.

We will describe the engineering design and concept of operations of the Z Line-VISAR system. Focus will be on optomechanical design.
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