15 December 2017 Front Matter: Volume 10400
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Shaklan: Front Matter: Volume 10400

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Numbers in the index correspond to the last two digits of the seven-digit citation identifier (CID) article numbering system used in Proceedings of SPIE. The first five digits reflect the volume number. Base 36 numbering is employed for the last two digits and indicates the order of articles within the volume. Numbers start with 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B…0Z, followed by 10-1Z, 20-2Z, etc.

Agolli, Jack, 1I

Alagao, Mary Angelie, 1Q

Allan, Gregory, 13

Amiri, Nikta, 04

An, Xin, 0D

Arriaga, Pauline, 26

Artigau, E., 18

Arya, Manan, 1C

Balasubramanian, Kunjithapatham, 0C, 0D, 0E

Bandy, T., 18

Barnes, Derek, 13

Bartos, R. D., 29

Belikov, Ruslan, 0W, 1D, 1G, 1N, 24

Bendek, Eduardo A., 0W, 1D, 1G, 24

Bender, Ralf, 1V

Benz, W., 18

Beuzit, Jean-Luc, 15

Blind, N., 18

Boisse, I., 18

Bolcar, Matthew R., 1I

Bottom, Michael, 1B

Bouchy, F., 18

Bovay, S., 18

Bradford, S. Case, 1C

Brandt, Timothy, 0B, 16

Brewer, John, 0N

Broeg, Ch., 18

Brousseau, D., 18

Bryson, Stephen T., 1N

Buisset, Christophe, 1Q

Burke, Elliot, 1I

Cabral, A., 18

Cady, Eric J., 05, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0Q, 1B, 1P, 1T

Cahoy, Kerri L., 0B, 13

Carlotti, Alexis, 1J

Chakrabarti, Supriya, 10, 1Z, 20

Chilcote, Jeffrey K., 16, 26

Choquet, Élodie, 0Y, 21

Conod, U., 18

Cook, Timothy A., 10, 1Z, 20

Corsetti, James, 1I

Currie, Thayne, 16

Debes, John H., 21

de Boer, Jozua, 15

Dekany, R., 0Y

de Kok, Remco J., 15

Delabre, B., 18

Delacroix, Christian, 1K, 1L, 1U

Delfosse, X., 18

Delorme, Jacques-Robert, 0Y, 0Z, 29

de Medeiros, J. R., 18

Demers, Richard, 03

De Rosa, Robert J., 26

DeVries, John, 1I

Dillon, Thomas, 1I

Doelman, David S., 0U

Douglas, Ewan S., 0B, 13

Doyon, R., 18

Dudinov, Vladimir N., 24

Dumont, Philip, 19

Eberhardt, Andrew, 1I

Echeverri, D., 0Y

Echternach, Pierre, 0C

Egron, Sylvain, 0G

Eldorado Riggs, A. J., 0O

Escuti, Michael J., 0U

Figueira, P., 18

Figura, Joseph S., 13

Finan, Emily, 1G

Finn, Susanna C., 10, 1Z, 20

Fitzgerald, M., 29

Fogarty, Kevin, 0G, 0T

Freebury, Gregg, 1C

Fregoso, Santos, 0C

Fucik, J., 0Y

Fusco, Thierry, 0M

Galvin, Michael, 16, 1A

Garrett, Daniel, 1K, 1L, 1U, 1Y

Genolet, L., 18

Gersh-Range, Jessica, 0E

Ginski, C., 15

Girard, Julien H., 15

Gong, Qian, 09, 0B, 0Q, 1P

González Hernández, J. I., 18

Gordon, Brian, 0F

Graham, James R., 26

Groff, Tyler D., 09, 0B, 0Q, 0R, 16, 1P

Grogan, Keith, 1X

Grupp, Frank, 1V

Gubner, Jennifer N., 13

Gull, Jamie, 1C

Gutt, Gary, 04

Guyon, Olivier, 0N, 0Q, 16, 1G

Hagelberg, J., 18

Hamilton, Ryan, 0N

Harness, Anthony D., 19, 1A, 1S

Haughwout, Christian A., 13

Hayashi, Masahiko, 16

Helmbrecht, Michael A., 1I

Hénault, François, 1J

Hernandez, O., 18

Hewawasam, Kuravi, 10, 1Z, 20

Hicks, Brian A., 1I

Hilgemann, Evan, 1C

Holte, Elias, 1D

Hopp, Ulrich, 1V

Howe, Glenn A., 10, 1Z, 20

Hu, Mengya (Mia), 1A, 1S

Hu, Renyu, 0Z

Jewell, Jeffrey, 0H, 0J

Johnson, Lee, 1G

Jovanovic, Nemanja, 16, 29

Kasdin, N. Jeremy, 0E, 0R, 0S, 16, 19, 1A, 1S, 28

Kasper, Markus, 15

Käufl, U., 18

Keller, Christoph U., 15

Kellermann, Hanna, 1V

Kern, Brian, 05, 06, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0P, 22

Kim, Yunjong, 19, 1A, 1S

Klimovich, Nikita, 0Y, 0Z, 29

Knapp, Gillian, 16

Knight, Justin M., 0N, 1G

Knoedler, Alex A., 13

Krist, John E., 03, 04, 05, 07, 0B, 0O

Lam, Raymond, 0D, 0E, 0F

Langlois, Maud, 15

Lea, Andrew, 1I

Leboulleux, Lucie, 0G, 0M

LeClair, Sarah, 13

Lepine, Thierry, 1Q

Lilley, S., 29

Lisman, P. Douglas, 1C

Liu, Xiang Cate, 1K

Llop Sayson, Jorge, 1P

Lloyd, James, 1X

Loomis, Craig, 16

Lowrance, Patrick, 1K

Lozi, Julien, 16

Lupu, Roxana, 09

Macintosh, Bruce, 1O, 26, 27

Malo, L., 18

Mandell, Avi M., 09, 0B, 0Q, 1P

Marchen, Luis, 04, 1T

Marois, Christian, 26

Martel, Jason, 10, 1Z, 20

Martin, Stefan, 1B

Marx, David, 04, 0D, 0F, 0P, 22

Mawet, Dimitri, 0H, 0J, 0Y, 0Z, 29

Mazoyer, Johan, 0G, 0T, 14

McCabe, Tyler, 1I

McElwain, Michael W., 09, 0B, 0Q, 1P

McGown, James, 1C

McGuire, James, 03, 04

Mejia Prada, Camilo, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0Q, 11, 1P

Melo, C., 18

Mendillo, Christopher B., 10, 1Z, 20

Mennesson, Bertrand, 07, 0Y

Merck, John, 13

Metzman, Jacob, 0C

Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A., 26

Milster, Thomas, 0N, 1G

Moody, Dwight, 0D, 0E, 0F

Morgan, Rhonda, 1K

Mouillet, David, 15

Muller, Richard, 0C, 0F

Murphy, Thomas J., 13

N'Diaye, Mamadou, 0G, 0M, 0T

Nemati, Bijian, 04, 05, 06, 07, 0O, 0P, 22

Norman, Colin, 0G

Nunez, Paul, 1K

Opperman, Roedolph A., 13

Patterson, Keith, 0D, 0E, 0F

Pellicori, Samuel, 1I

Pepe, F., 18

Perrin, Marshall D., 21, 26

Petrone, Peter, III, 1I

Pluzhnik, Eugene, 0W, 1G, 24

Poberezhskiy, Ilya, 05, 06, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0P, 22

Por, Emiel H., 0V

Poshyachinda, Saran, 1Q

Pueyo, Laurent, 0G, 0M, 0T, 14, 21, 27

Rabbia, Yves, 1Q

Rameau, Julien, 26

Randolph, M., 0Y

Ranganathan, Nikhil, 1O

Rasilla, J. L., 18

Rebolo, R., 18

Redding, Dave, 0H

Ren, Bin, 21

Reshetov, V., 18

Riggs, A. J. Eldorado, 04, 0B, 0C, 0E, 0R, 1D

Rizzo, Maxime Jean, 09, 0B, 0Q, 16, 1P, 1S

Roberge, Aki, 0B, 1S

Roberts, Lewis C., Jr., 11

Rodack, Alexander, 1G

Ruane, Garreth, 0H, 0J, 0Y, 0Z, 29

Rud, Mayer, 03

Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste, 1O, 26, 27

Ryan, Daniel, 0C

Saddlemyer, L., 18

Saini, Navtej, 04

Santos, N. C., 18

Sarajlic, M., 18

Sauvage, Jean-François, 0M

Savransky, Dmitry, 1K, 1L, 1O, 1U, 1X, 1Y, 26

Saxena, Prabal, 09, 0B, 0Q, 1P

Segovilla, A., 18

Seo, Byoung-Joon, 06, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F, 0P, 22

Serabyn, E., 0Y

Seubert, Carl, 1B

Shaklan, Stuart B., 0H, 0J, 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1T

Shapiro, Jacob, 1O, 26

Sheets, Teresa, 1I

Shelton, Chris, 11

Shi, Fang, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F

Shields, Joel, 0D

Shiri, Ron, 1I

Sidick, Erkin, 04, 06, 0D, 0F, 0P, 22

Sinha, Amlan, 1U, 1X

Sirbu, Dan, 0W, 1A, 1D, 24

Skouloudis, Nikolaos, 13

Snik, Frans, 0U, 15

Soonthornthum, Boonrucksar, 1Q

Sordet, M., 18

Soto, Gabriel, 1U, 1X

Soummer, Rémi, 0M

Sozzetti, Alessandro, 1E

St. Laurent, Kathryn, 0M

Stam, Daphne M., 15

Steeves, John, 1C

Subedi, Hari, 0S

Sun, He, 0R, 28

Takato, Naruhisa, 16

Tang, Hong, 03, 04, 0D, 0E

Thibault, S., 18

Thomson, Mark, 1C

Trauger, John T., 06, 0D, 0E, 0F

Trease, Brian, 1C

Truong, Tuan, 0D

Turmon, Michael, 1K

Vallée, Ph., 18

van Holstein, Rob G., 15

Vanderbei, Robert J., 0R, 1A, 1S, 28

Varnai, Peter, 0S

Vasisht, G., 0Y

Vérinaud, Christophe, 1J

Vigan, Arthur, 15

Wallace, J. K., 0Y, 29

Wang, Jason J., 26, 27

Wang, Ji, 0Y, 0Z, 29

Wang, Liang, 1V

Ward, Karen, 0N

Warriner, Nathaniel Z., 0U

Warwick, Steve, 1C

Webb, David, 1C

White, Victor, 0C, 0D

Wildi, F., 18

Wilson, Daniel, 0C, 0D, 0F

Wilson, Robert Casey, 0C

Wizinowich, P. L., 29

Wolff, Schuyler G., 26

Wu, Xingtao, 11

Wu, Yuqian, 11

Xin, Y., 0Y, 29

Xuan, W., 0Y

Yao, Li, 11

Yee, Karl, 0C

Zareh, Shannon Kian, 1B

Zhao, Feng, 03

Zhou, Hanying, 04, 05, 0D, 0E

Zimmermann, Neil T., 09, 0B, 0E, 0O, 0Q

Zurlo, Alice, 15

Conference Committee

Conference Chair

  • Stuart Shaklan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

Program Track Chair

  • Oswald H. Siegmund, University of California, Berkeley (United States)

Conference Program Committee

  • Olivier Guyon, Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (United States) and Research Corporation of University of Hawaii (United States) and The University of Arizona (United States)

  • Lucas Labadie, University of Cologne (Germany)

  • Bruce A. Macintosh, Stanford University (United States)

  • Dimitri P. Mawet, California Institute of Technology (United States)

  • M. Charley Noecker, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • Rémi Soummer, Space Telescope Science Institute (United States)

Conference Review Committee

  • Howard A. MacEwen, Reviresco LLC (United States)

  • James Breckinridge, California Institute of Technology (United States)

  • Tony B. Hull, The University of New Mexico (United States)

  • Dae Wook Kim, College of Optical Sciences, The University of Arizona (United States)

  • Pascal Hallibert, European Space Research and Technology Center (Netherlands)

Session Chairs

  • 1 WFIRST Coronagraph I

    Stuart Shaklan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 2 WFIRST Coronagraph II

    Garreth Ruane, California Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 3 WFIRST Coronagraph III

    Stuart Shaklan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 4 Segmented Aperture Coronagraphs

    Eric Cady, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 5 Coronagraph Design, Components, and Analysis I

    Lucas Labadie, Universität zu Köln (Germany)

  • 6 Coronagraph Design, Components, and Analysis II

    A. J. Eldorado Riggs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 7 Deformable Mirrors

    Garreth Ruane, California Institute of Technology (United States)

  • 8 Ground-based Instruments

    Michael Bottom, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 9 Starshades

    Stuart Shaklan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 10 Astrometry

    A. J. Eldorado Riggs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 11 Interferometric Coronagraphy

    A. J. Eldorado Riggs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (United States)

  • 12 Mission and Data Analysis

    Lucas Labadie, Universität zu Köln (Germany)

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"Front Matter: Volume 10400", Proc. SPIE 10400, Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets VIII, 1040001 (15 December 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2298430; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2298430

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