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30 August 2017 A GaAs-based up-converter for mid-infrared detection utilizing quantum cascade transport
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The next generation infrared (IR) detection technology demands for very-large-format focal plane arrays (FPAs) with high performance. Semiconductor up-converters can convert IR photons to near-infrared (NIR) photons, and can be potential candidates for large-format IR imaging since the mechanical bonding with the read-out circuits can be avoided. However, previously reported up-converters and corresponding up-conversion systems suffer from low detectivity because of the trade-off between responsivity and dark current. To solve this issue, a cascade infrared up-converter (CIUP) is demonstrated in this work. Based on a quantum cascade transport mechanism, high IR responsivity is achieved while the dark current is maintained fairly low. A 4-μm InGaAs/AlGaAs CIUP has been fabricated, and both the CIUP and up-conversion system are under background-limited infrared performance (BLIP) regime below 120 K. The upconversion efficiency is 2.1 mW/W at 3.3 V and 78 K. Taking shot noise as the main noise in the up-conversion system, the BLIP detectivity of the system is 2.4×109 Jones at 3.3 V and 78 K, higher than the semiconductor up-converters at similar wavelengths reported so far. To further improve the CIUP performance, an AlInP hole-blocking layer is introduced taking place of the AlAs layer. AlInP/GaAs has larger valence band discontinuity than AlAs/GaAs, showing the advantage of tightly confining injected holes into the emission quantum well. By adopting the AlInP hole-blocking layer, the quantum efficiency and detectivity of the up-conversion system can be enhanced.
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Zhibiao Hao, Lili Xie, Chao Wang, Yaqi Liu, Lai Wang, Jian Wang, Bing Xiong, Changzheng Sun, Yanjun Han, Hongtao Li, and Yi Luo "A GaAs-based up-converter for mid-infrared detection utilizing quantum cascade transport", Proc. SPIE 10403, Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXV, 1040309 (30 August 2017);

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