4 October 2017 New developments in super-resolution for GaoFen-4
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In this paper, the application of super resolution (SR, restoring a high spatial resolution image from a series of low resolution images of the same scene) techniques to GaoFen(GF)-4, which is the most advanced geostationaryorbit earth observing satellite in China, remote sensing images is investigated and tested. SR has been a hot research area for decades, but one of the barriers of applying SR in remote sensing community is the time slot between those low resolution (LR) images acquisition. In general, the longer the time slot, the less reliable the reconstruction. GF-4 has the unique advantage of capturing a sequence of LR of the same region in minutes, i.e. working as a staring camera from the point view of SR. This is the first experiment of applying super resolution to a sequence of low resolution images captured by GF-4 within a short time period. In this paper, we use Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) to solve the ill-conditioned problem of SR. Both the wavelet transform and the curvelet transform are used to setup a sparse prior for remote sensing images. By combining several images of both the BeiJing and DunHuang regions captured by GF-4 our method can improve spatial resolution both visually and numerically. Experimental tests show that lots of detail cannot be observed in the captured LR images, but can be seen in the super resolved high resolution (HR) images. To help the evaluation, Google Earth image can also be referenced. Moreover, our experimental tests also show that the higher the temporal resolution, the better the HR images can be resolved. The study illustrates that the application for SR to geostationary-orbit based earth observation data is very feasible and worthwhile, and it holds the potential application for all other geostationary-orbit based earth observing systems.
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Feng Li, Feng Li, Jie Fu, Jie Fu, Lei Xin, Lei Xin, Yuhong Liu, Yuhong Liu, Zhijia Liu, Zhijia Liu, } "New developments in super-resolution for GaoFen-4", Proc. SPIE 10427, Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XXIII, 1042709 (4 October 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2278158; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2278158

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