5 October 2017 Higher operation temperature quadrant photon detectors of 2-11 μm wavelength radiation with large photosensitive areas
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We report on the quadrant photon HgCdTe detectors optimized for 2-11 μm wavelength spectral range and Peltier or no cooling, and photosensitive area of a quad-cell of 1×1 to 4×4 mm. The devices are fabricated as photoconductors or multiple photovoltaic cells connected in series (PVM). The former are characterized by a relatively uniform photosensitive area. The PVM photovoltaic cells are distributed along the wafer surface, comprising a periodical stripe structure with a period of 20 μm. Within each period, there is an insensitive gap/trench < 9 μm wide between stripe mesas. The resulting spatial quantization error prevents positioning of the beam spot of size close to the period, but becomes negligible for the optimal spot size comparable to a quadrant-cell area. The photoconductors produce 1/f noise with about 10 kHz knee frequency, due to bias necessary for their operation. The PVM photodiodes are typically operated at 0 V bias, so they generate no 1/f noise and operation from DC is enabled. At 230 K, upper corner frequency of 16 to 100 MHz is obtained for photoconductor and 60 to 80 MHz for PVM, normalized detectivity D*~6×107 cm×Hz1/2/W to >1.4×108 cm×Hz1/2/W for photoconductor and >1.7×108 cm·Hz1/2/W for PVM, allowing for position control of the radiation beam with submicron accuracy at 16 MHz, 10.6 μm wavelength of pulsed radiation spot of ~0.8 mm dia at the close-to-maximal input radiation power density in a range of detector linear operation.
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J. Pawluczyk, A. Sosna, D. Wojnowski, A. Koźniewski, M. Romanis, W. Gawron, J. Piotrowski, "Higher operation temperature quadrant photon detectors of 2-11 μm wavelength radiation with large photosensitive areas", Proc. SPIE 10435, Technologies for Optical Countermeasures XIV, 1043505 (5 October 2017); doi: 10.1117/12.2282166; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2282166


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