Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy 2018: Advances in Research and Industry
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27 January - 1 February 2018
San Francisco, California, United States
Front Matter: Volume 10490
Proc. SPIE 10490, Front Matter: Volume 10490, 1049001 (3 May 2018);
Neurology and Internal Medicine
Proc. SPIE 10490, Application of confocal Raman micro-spectroscopy for label-free monitoring of oxidative stress in living bronchial cells, 1049002 (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Robust and brilliant Raman tags based on core-satellite assemblies for brain tumor cell imaging, 1049006 (13 February 2018);
Dermatology and Endocrinology
Proc. SPIE 10490, Towards a continuous glucose monitoring system using tunable quantum cascade lasers, 1049008 (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Raman spectroscopy reveals biophysical markers in skin cancer surgical margins , 104900B (13 February 2018);
Women's Health
Proc. SPIE 10490, Long wavelength identification of microcalcifications in breast cancer tissue using a quantum cascade laser and upconversion detection , 104900F (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Characterisation of a novel transmission Raman spectroscopy platform for non-invasive detection of breast micro-calcifications, 104900G (13 February 2018);
Further Applications
Proc. SPIE 10490, Dual Raman-Brillouin spectroscopic investigation of plant stress response and development, 104900I (21 March 2018);
Technical Advances I
Proc. SPIE 10490, A photothermal Mach-Zehnder interferometer for measuring caffeine and proteins in aqueous solutions using external cavity quantum cascade lasers , 104900M (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Spatiotemporal polarization modulation microscopy with a microretarder array, 104900O (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Development of accelerated Raman and fluorescent Monte Carlo method , 104900P (13 February 2018);
Technical Advances II
Proc. SPIE 10490, The high throughput virtual slit enables compact, inexpensive Raman spectral imagers, 104900T (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Extending Raman's reach: enabling applications via greater sensitivity and speed, 104900V (13 February 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10490, Miniature Raman spectrometer development, 104900W (13 February 2018);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 10490, Raman imaging of lipid bilayer membrane by surface enhanced Raman scattering, 104900Z (9 April 2018);
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