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19 February 2018 Multi-dynamic range compressional wave detection using optical-frequency comb
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Compressional wave detection is useful means for health monitoring of building, detection of abnormal vibration of moving objects, defect evaluation, and biomedical imaging such as echography and photoacoustic imaging. The frequency of the compressional wave is varied from quasi-static to a few tens of megahertz depending on applications. Since the dynamic range of general compressional wave detectors is limited, we need to choose a proper compressional wave detector depending on applications. For the compressional wave detection with wide dynamic range, two or more detectors with different detection ranges is required. However, these detectors with different detection ranges generally has different accuracy and precision, disabling the seamless detection over these detection ranges. In this study, we proposed a compressional wave detector employing optical frequency comb (OFC). The compressional wave was sensed with a part of an OFC cavity, being encoded into OFC. The spectrally encoded OFC was converted to radio-frequency by the frequency link nature of OFC. The compressional wave-encoded radio-frequency can therefore be directly measured with a high-speed photodetector. To enhance the dynamic range of the compressional wave detection, we developed a cavityfeedback-based system and a phase-sensitive detection system, both of which the accuracy and precision are coherently linked to these of the OFC. We provided a proof-of-principle demonstration of the detection of compressional wave from quasi-static to ultrasound wave by using the OFC-based compressional wave sensor. Our proposed approach will serve as a unique and powerful tool for detecting compressional wave versatile applications in the future.
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Takeo Minamikawa, Takashi Masuoka, Ryo Oe, Yoshiaki Nakajima, Yoshihisa Yamaoka, Kaoru Minoshima, and Takeshi Yasui "Multi-dynamic range compressional wave detection using optical-frequency comb", Proc. SPIE 10494, Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2018, 1049432 (19 February 2018);

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