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20 February 2018 A bio-inspired design of live cell biosensors
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The last decade has witnessed a rapid growth of nanoscale-oriented biosensors that becomes one of the most promising and rapidly growing areas of modern research. Despite significant advancements in conception of such biosensors, most are based at evaluation of molecular, or protein interactions. It is however becoming increasingly evident that functionality of a living system does not reside in genome or in individual proteins, as no real biological functionality is expressed at these levels. Instead, to comprehend the true functioning of a biological system, it is essential to understand the integrative physiological behavior of the complex molecular interactions in their natural environment and precise spatio-temporal topology. In this contribution we therefore present a new concept for creation of biosensors, bio-inspired from true functioning of living cells, while monitoring their endogenous fluorescence, or autofluorescence.
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A. Marcek Chorvatova, T. Teplicky, Z. Pavlinska, Z. Kronekova, D. Trelova, F. Razga, V. Nemethova, L. Uhelska, I. Lacik, and D. Chorvat Jr. "A bio-inspired design of live cell biosensors", Proc. SPIE 10506, Nanoscale Imaging, Sensing, and Actuation for Biomedical Applications XV, 105060R (20 February 2018);

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