20 February 2018 Clinically translatable nanotheranostic platforms for peripheral nerve regeneration: design with outcome in mind
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Neuroinflammation is a dynamic immune phenomenon that changes in severity with time after neurotrauma and has a profound impact on neuroregeneration, tissue healing and neuropathic pain, which is a common consequence of peripheral nerve injury (PNI). Macrophages are key cellular mediators of neuroinflammation. Macrophage-targeted nanotherapies, such as complex (perfluorocarbon/hydrocarbon) multimodal nanoemulsions (NEs) provide highly specific imaging signatures of neuroinflammation and hence indirect surrogate metrics of regeneration. We present a novel strategy where these NEs incorporating multiple imaging modalities and biosensors are delivered locally to directly target key cellular players of neuroregeneration. Two representative formulations of a nanotheranostic platform for local delivery of cell targeted NEs are presented: 1) A dual (macrophage and neuronal) targeted nanoparticle laden hydrogel for synergistic modulation of neuroinflammation and analgesia following PNI; and 2) neurotherapeutic loaded nanoparticles with extended release profile for sustained support of neuroregeneration. Each platform is capable of dual imaging payloads (NIRF, MRI and/or PET) and/or cell specific targeting moieties for controlled drug release. In vitro and pilot in vivo results will be presented. Theranostic nanosystem based platforms offer a unique opportunity to sequentially monitor cellular and molecular events at the site of neuronal injury, enabling dynamic, in-vivo mechanistic insights rather than static, ex-vivo histopathologic evaluation. Given their targeted capabilities, these platforms can help achieve personalized treatments that are customized and optimized for patients with PNI.
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Jelena M. Janjic, Jelena M. Janjic, Vijay S. Gorantla, Vijay S. Gorantla, "Clinically translatable nanotheranostic platforms for peripheral nerve regeneration: design with outcome in mind", Proc. SPIE 10508, Reporters, Markers, Dyes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Probes for Biomedical Applications X, 1050803 (20 February 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2289288; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2289288

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