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14 March 2018 Scaling the average power of 1066-nm end-pumped c-cut Nd:YV04 laser for sodium lidar development project (Conference Presentation)
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The high average power from pulsed good quality mode laser emitting at fundamental wavelength of 1066.3 nm is needed for obtaining of high-fidelity pulsed radiation with wavelength centered at 589.15 nm for spaceborne Na Doppler resonance fluorescence LIDAR. The conversion of radiation from 1066.3 nm to 589.15 nm can be achieved through one stage of Raman lasing and subsequent frequency doubling using qualified nonlinear crystals. Although efficient scaling of average power at 1064 nm using a-cut Nd:YVO4 to multiple of 10W was demonstrated for more than a decade ago, the efficient demonstration of 1066 nm power scaling from single Watt level to 10W level of average power is yet to be done. Multiple publications with a-cut Nd:YVO4 laser host with fundamental emission wavelength at 1064 nm showed good conversion efficiencies to both 1176 nm and to 588 nm using intracavity Raman lasing and frequency doubling. We experimentally demonstrated efficient lasing at 1066 nm with output average power in excess of 15W using single c-cut Nd:YV04 crystal end-pumped with 888 nm diode pump laser. The achieved optical-to-optical efficiency of converting absorbed 888 nm pump to 1066 nm with short linear test cavity and output coupler of 84% was in excess of 32% while maximum reached optical-to-optical slope efficiency 50%. We discuss challenges of efficient 1066 nm generation and overall electro-optical efficiencies reachable for potential spaceborne LIDAR Sodium transmitter laser.
Conference Presentation
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Oleg A. Konoplev, Anthony W. Yu, Steven X. Li, Michael A. Krainak, Yingxin Bai, Molly E. Fahey, Wenqian R. Huang, and Diego Janches "Scaling the average power of 1066-nm end-pumped c-cut Nd:YV04 laser for sodium lidar development project (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10511, Solid State Lasers XXVII: Technology and Devices, 1051110 (14 March 2018);


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