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15 February 2018 Spectroscopy and lasing of Tm:SrMoO4 crystal near 1.5, 1.9, and 2.3-μm under 793-nm excitation
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The spectroscopy properties and lasing of diode pumped Tm-doped strontium molybdate SrMoO4 single crystal were investigated at room temperature. The Tm:SrMoO4 crystal was grown by modified Stepanov method (2 wt.% of TmNbO4 in the melt). The tested Tm:SrMoO4 sample was cut from the grown crystal boule perpendicularly to growth direction 100. For spectroscopy and laser experiments 4.2mm thick plane-parallel face-polished plate (without AR coatings) was used. A fiber-coupled laser diode operating at wavelength 793nm was used for longitudinal Tm:SrMoO4 pumping which corresponds to 3H4 level excitation. Fluorescence spectra measurement showed strong emission in vicinity of 1.8 μm (3F43H6 transition), and also significant emission close to wavelengths 1.45 μm (3H43F4 transition) and 2.3 μm (3H43H5 transition). The lasing was successfully reached for all these three transitions and output characteristics were measured. The pumping laser diode was operating in the pulsed regime with a low duty cycle. The 145mm long semi-hemispherical laser resonator consisted of flat pumping mirror (HT @ 0.79 μm) and curved (r = 150mm) output coupler. For each lasing transition the particular set of resonator mirrors was used to reach high reflexivity of pumping mirror and output coupler transmission 0.5% at laser operation wavelength. The obtained laser emission wavelengths were 1.95 μm, 1.45 & 1.49 μm, and 2.30 μm. In spite of low laser slope efficiency in respect to absorbed pumping power (0.45% for 3H43F4 transition, 0.50% for 3F43H6 transition and 0.83% for 3H43H5 transition), results obtained are promising for further development of diode-pumped laser at 2.3 μm spectral region.
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Jan Šulc, Richard Švejkar, Michal Němec, Maxim E. Doroshenko, Helena Jelínková, Liudmila I. Ivleva, and Elizaveta E. Dunaeva "Spectroscopy and lasing of Tm:SrMoO4 crystal near 1.5, 1.9, and 2.3-μm under 793-nm excitation", Proc. SPIE 10511, Solid State Lasers XXVII: Technology and Devices, 1051125 (15 February 2018);

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