19 February 2018 High-frequency strontium vapor laser for biomedical applications
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Sr-laser with high pulse repetition rate and high peak radiation power is a unique tool for studying rapidly occurring processes in time (plasma diagnostics, photoablation, etc.). In addition, the study of the frequency characteristics of the active medium of the laser helps to reveal the physics of the formation of an inverse medium in metal vapor lasers. In this paper, an experimental study of an Sr-laser with an active volume of 5.8 cm3 in the pulse repetition frequency range from 25 to 200 kHz is carried out, and a comparison with the frequency characteristics of media with large active volumes is given.

We considered the frequency characteristics of the active medium in two modes: at a constant energy in the excitation pulse CU2 / 2 and at a constant average power consumed by the rectifier. In the presented work with a small-volume GRT using the TASITR-5/12 TASITRON switch, a laser was generated for Pairs of strontium at a CSF of 200 kHz. The behavior of the characteristics of the generation lines of 6.456 μm, ~ 1 μm, and ~ 3 μm at increased repetition frequencies is considered. Using the example of large-volume GRT, it is shown that tubes with a large active volume increase their energy characteristics with the growth of the CSF. The possibility of laser operation at pulse repetition rates above 200 kHz is shown.
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A. Hvorostovsky, A. Hvorostovsky, E. Kolmakov, E. Kolmakov, I. Kudashev, I. Kudashev, D. Redka, D. Redka, A. Kancer, A. Kancer, M. Kustikova, M. Kustikova, E. Bykovskaya, E. Bykovskaya, A. Mayurova, A. Mayurova, A. Stupnikov, A. Stupnikov, J. Ruzankina, J. Ruzankina, K. Tsvetkov, K. Tsvetkov, N. Lukyanov, N. Lukyanov, N. Paklinov, N. Paklinov, } "High-frequency strontium vapor laser for biomedical applications", Proc. SPIE 10511, Solid State Lasers XXVII: Technology and Devices, 105112H (19 February 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2294596; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2294596

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