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29 January 2018 Coincidence studies of entangled photon pairs using nanowire detection and high-resolution time tagging for QKD application
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Entangled photon pairs are created by a system consisting of a 1064 nm pump diode laser that is fiber coupled to a high generation rate photon pair source. The source is a dual element periodically poled potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) waveguide that up-converts 1064 nm photons to single 532 nm photons in the first stage. In the second stage, the green photons are down converted to energy entangled photon pairs at 800 nm and 1600 nm. The output photon pairs are guided by fiber to sorting optics where they are separated and sent into high-efficiency photon detectors. In particular, the 1600 nm photons are detected by a superconducting nanowire with efficiency over 60% and dead time less than 50 ns. Detector output electrical signals are sent to a time tagger with bin resolution as narrow as 25 ps for coincidence counting. The ultimate goal of this setup is to demonstrate a singlesource, high efficiency, high data rate, quantum communication system to enable Earth-space quantum networks. Of particular interest is a source of entangled photons that is amenable to utilization in aircraft and spacecraft under rigorous flight and environmental conditions. Test results that characterize the entangled photon pair creation and detection capabilities of our system will be presented.
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Evan J. Katz, Nathaniel C. Wilson, Ian R. Nemitz, Sarah A. Tedder, Brian E. Vyhnalek, Bertram M. Floyd, Tony D. Roberts, Pushkar Pandit, Skyler Baugher, Roger P. Tokars, John J. Pouch, and John D. Lekki "Coincidence studies of entangled photon pairs using nanowire detection and high-resolution time tagging for QKD application", Proc. SPIE 10559, Broadband Access Communication Technologies XII, 1055905 (29 January 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2288474;

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