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Anders, Juanita J., 02

Antognoli, L., 0F

Avetissian, H. K., 0C

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Barros Nepomuceno, Patrícia, 0D

Baxter, G. David, 02

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Brinzan, Daniela, 08

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Carnielli, V. P., 0F

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dos Santos, Jean Nunes, 06, 07

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Xavier, F. C. A., 06, 0A, 0I

Conference Committee

Conference Chair

  • Leonardo Longo, International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Italy)

Program Committee

  • J. J. Anders, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (United States)

  • H. Avetissian, Yerevan University (Armenia)

  • A. Baruchin, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)

  • G. Bastianelli, ENT (Italy)

  • G. D. Baxter, Otago University (New Zealand)

  • Cheng-Jen Chang, University of Taipei (Taiwan China)

  • T. Dostalova, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

  • C. Fornaini, Parma University (Italy)

  • S. Gonchukov, Moscow State University (Russian Federation)

  • A. Goran, Marconi University (Italy)

  • A. Ignaciuk, Poland Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (Poland)

  • H. Jelinkova, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)

  • Ming Chen Kao, University of Taipei (Taiwan China)

  • K. Khatri, Skin & Laser Center (United States)

  • K. Kovacs, Laser Vet Clinic (Hungary)

  • S. Krishna, International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine

  • I. Ilev, Center for Devices and Radiological Health (United States)

  • J. Jagdeo, University of California, Davis (United States)

  • R. Lanzafame, SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry (United States)

  • A. Lauto, The University of Sydney (Australia)

  • P. Lippi, Florence University (Italy)

  • Leonardo Longo, International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Italy)

  • R. Lopes-Martins, Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (Brazil)

  • T. Lotti, World Health Academy (Italy)

  • R. Lubart, Bar-Ilan University (Israel)

  • A. Mester, National Laser Therapy Centre, Peterfy Sandor Teaching Hospital (Hungary)

  • E. Merigo, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Italy)

  • L. Navratil, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)

  • N. Nimsakul, Plastic Surgery Institute, Bangkok University (Thailand)

  • T. Ohshiro, Japan Laboratory of Laser Medicine and Surgery (Japan)

  • A. Panti, Florence Medical Association (Italy)

  • P. F. Parra, Pisa University (Italy)

  • M. L. Pascu, Bucharest University (Romania)

  • A. Pinheiro, Bahia University (Brazil)

  • R. Pirvulescu, Bucharest University (Romania)

  • M. Postiglione, World Health Organization (Italy)

  • B. K. Rau, Chennai University (India)

  • J. P. Rocca, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Italy)

  • S. Rockhind, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

  • K. Samoilova, Institute of Cytology (Russian Federation)

  • F. Sicurello, Bicocca University (Italy)

  • P. Smalley, Technology Concepts International (United States)

  • M. Stark, Berlin University (Germany)

  • G. P. Tassi, Queen Anne Street Medical Centre (United Kingdom)

  • H. Teixeira Medilaser Clinic Surgery (Portugal)

  • A. Tenenbaum, ESPAS, Lugano (Italy)

  • F. Tomaselli, Marconi University (Italy)

  • V. Tsepolenko, Ukraine Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Ukraine)

  • A. Vaitkuviene, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

  • J. Vaitkus, Lithuanian Physical Society, Vilnius University (Ukraine)


The 29th Laser Florence International Medical Congress was held 9-11 November 2017 in Florence. This year’s conference was particularly important, because it was a joint conference with three international congresses: IPTA (International Photo Therapy Association), ISLMS (International Society for Laser in Medicine and Surgery) and WFSLMS (World Federation Societies of Laser Medicine and Surgery).

The 2017 program level was very high, as was the quality of the speakers. About 250 participants from 35 countries and five continents were divided into nine sessions: Laser Dentistry, Basic Science and Laser Physics, Laser ENT and Safety, Laser and Drugs, Laser/Light in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Laser/Light in Surgery, Laser Biomodulation: Scientific Research and Clinical Practice, Laser Rehabilitation in Central Nervous System Injures, Laser Rehabilitation, and a poster session.

The high scientific level of the program was testified by the achievement of 16 credits by the North American and European CME Program (UEMS—Union European Medicine Specialists) for all the participants to the Congress, as well as by the publication of the Proceedings by SPIE.

The presence of a great number of young lecturers and poster presenters was very positive, thus showing that Laser Florence Congress is considered one of the most important scientific events also by the young researchers and clinics who choose it for presenting their works.

The event was officially opened by Prof. Leonardo Longo, Congress Chairman, followed by three leading lecturers: Dr. R. Lanzafame, “Laser applications in medicine: an evolution”, Prof. P. Manzelli, “Laser therapy: equivalence between biophotonic field and thin energy in the coherence’s reactivation of life energy,” and Dr. D. Sliney’s presentation, “Photobiological dosimetry of tissue exposure.”

Prof. Longo and Prof. Sharon Krishna presented an important and significant remembrance of two IALMS members who recently passed away, Prof. Mario Postiglione and Prof. Venkatasami Jeganathan.

Many lecturers followed on the networks in real time by streaming, with more than 10,000 visualizations. The slides of the congress lectures are available on the website www.ialms.international, in the area members, covered by password.

The jury, formed by the chairpersons of all the scientific sessions, voted for the best oral communications and posters of young scientists. The winners are listed below.

DYNAMIC CHANGES IN GAMMA-IRRADIATED MICE TREATED WITH LASER(Lecture granted with 500 eurodollars offered by the Lions Club Firenze Stibbert)Yulia Efremova1, Zuzana Sinkorova2, Jaroslav Racek3, Anna Lierova2, Marcela Jelicova2, Leos Navratil21Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection2University of Defence, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, Department of Radiobiology3University Hospital in Pilsen Dept of Clinical Biochemistry
FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS OF ER, CR:YSGG LASER IN COMBINATION WITH DIODE 980nm WAVELENGTHSalam Alakash, MDAmman, Jordan Private clinic, Conservative and Laser Dentistry, Jordan
LASER AND BIOSCAFFOLDS IN OROMAXILLOFACIAL SURGERYL. Cella1, E. Merigo1, C. Fornaini1, F. Clini1, N. Tinelli2, M. Fontana1, G. Lagori1, A. Oppici11Odontostomatology and Maxillofacial Unit; “Guglielmo da Saliceto” Hospital, Piacenza - Italy; 2ENT Unit; “G. da Saliceto” Hospital, Piacenza - Italy
A SUTURELESS CONDUCTIVE PATCH FOR ENHANCING THE CARDIAC ELECTRIC SIGNALDamia Mawad, PhDSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
INNOVATIVE COMBINATION TECHNIQUE FOR LOWER FACE AND NECK CONTOURING AND REJUVENATIONPichansak Bunmas, MD.Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, VPast Institute of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center. Bangsaen & Pattaya Beach, Chon Buri, Thailand
PHOTOBIOMODULATON OF AUTOIMMUN SKIN DISEASES IN SMALL ANIMALSKitti Szenasi, K., Kovacs DVM, PhDSmall Animal Laser Clinic, laser medicine Budapest, Hungary
THE MICROVASCULAR RESPONSE TO PHOTOBIOMODULATION WITH NONCOHERENT LIGHT SOURCES IN HEALTHY SUBJECTS: THE ROLE OF WAVELENGHT, GENDER AND AGELilach Gavish1, L. Dudai2, M. Halak3, B. Gavish4, Z. Ovadia-Blechman21The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel2Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering,3Sheba Medical Center,4Yazmonit Ltd.
DIFFERENTIAL EXPRESSION OF MYOFIBROBLASTS ON CO2 LASER WOUNDS AND SCALPEL WOUNDS3: AN EXPERIMENTAL MODELR. Machado, CRB Oliveira, LA Vitória, FCA Xavier, ALB Pinheiro, AC Freitas, L M P Ramalho.School of Dentistry, Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brasil

Inside the congress, the executive committees and the general assemblies of IPTA, ISLMS, WFSLMS, and IALMS were also held where some important decisions were reached:

  • 1. Prof. Toni Pinheiro from Brazil was elected President of IPTA. He replaces Prof. Cheng-Jen Chang from Taiwan

  • 2. Prof. Longo replaced Dr. Sharon Krishna as President of ISLSM

  • 3. Prof. Carlo Fornaini replaced Prof. Mariano Postiglione as Treasurer of IALMS.

The locations and times of the next Congresses were established:

  • 1. The next congress of APALMS will be 19-21 October 2018 in Bangkok, and will be organized by Prof. Apirag Chuangsuwanich and Prof. Bounmas Pichansak.

  • 2. The next congress of WFSLMS, IPTA and ISLMS will be in June 2019 in Taiwan, and organized by Prof. Cheng-Jen Chang and Prof. Ming Chen Kao.

  • 3. The next Congress of ISLMS and WFSLMS will be in Toronto in 2021, organized by Prof. S. Yang.

Traditionally, the gala dinner marks the end of the Laser Florence Congress, and this year the final was wonderful! Inside the exciting atmosphere of Villa Viviani, Prof. Longo and his team prepared a dinner program rich of music, dance, typical Tuscan food and a lot of happiness. Laser Florence is a great family where everybody may appreciate the spirit of authentic friendship!

See you in Laser Florence 2019, November 7–9!

Leonardo Longo

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} "Front Matter: Volume 10582", Proc. SPIE 10582, Laser Florence 2017: Advances in Laser Medicine, 1058201 (20 April 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2324926; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2324926

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