23 March 2018 Electrical comparison of iN7 EUV hybrid and EUV single patterning BEOL metal layers
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The semiconductor scaling roadmap shows the continuous node to node scaling to push Moore’s law down to the next generations. In that context, the foundry N5 node requires 32nm metal pitch interconnects for the advanced logic Back- End of Line (BEoL). 193immersion usage now requires self-aligned and/or multiple patterning technique combinations to enable such critical dimension. On the other hand, EUV insertion investigation shows that 32nm metal pitch is still a challenge but, related to process flow complexity, presents some clear motivations.

Imec has already evaluated on test chip vehicles with different patterning approaches: 193i SAQP (Self-Aligned Quadruple Patterning), LE3 (triple patterning Litho Etch), tone inversion, EUV SE (Single Exposure) with SMO (Source-mask optimization). Following the run path in the technology development for EUV insertion, imec N7 platform (iN7, corresponding node to the foundry N5) is developed for those BEoL layers.

In this paper, following technical motivation and development learning, a comparison between the iArF SAQP/EUV block hybrid integration scheme and a single patterning EUV flow is proposed. These two integration patterning options will be finally compared from current morphological and electrical criteria.
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Stéphane Larivière, Stéphane Larivière, Christopher J. Wilson, Christopher J. Wilson, Bogumila Kutrzeba Kotowska, Bogumila Kutrzeba Kotowska, Janko Versluijs, Janko Versluijs, Stefan Decoster, Stefan Decoster, Ming Mao, Ming Mao, Marleen H. van der Veen, Marleen H. van der Veen, Nicolas Jourdan, Nicolas Jourdan, Zaid El-Mekki, Zaid El-Mekki, Nancy Heylen, Nancy Heylen, Els Kesters, Els Kesters, Patrick Verdonck, Patrick Verdonck, Christophe Béral, Christophe Béral, Dieter Van den Heuvel, Dieter Van den Heuvel, Peter De Bisschop, Peter De Bisschop, Joost Bekaert, Joost Bekaert, Victor Blanco, Victor Blanco, Ivan Ciofi, Ivan Ciofi, Danny Wan, Danny Wan, Basoene Briggs, Basoene Briggs, Arindam Mallik, Arindam Mallik, Eric Hendrickx, Eric Hendrickx, Ryoung-han Kim, Ryoung-han Kim, Greg McIntyre, Greg McIntyre, Kurt Ronse, Kurt Ronse, Jürgen Bömmels, Jürgen Bömmels, Zsolt Tőkei, Zsolt Tőkei, Dan Mocuta, Dan Mocuta, "Electrical comparison of iN7 EUV hybrid and EUV single patterning BEOL metal layers", Proc. SPIE 10583, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography IX, 105830U (23 March 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2299389; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2299389

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