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27 March 2018 Multi-touch capacitive sensor with new sensor arrangement
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Multi touch sensors are widely used for screen interfaces, but are at an early stage of development for soft wearable technology and humanoid devices. We demonstrated a soft, flexible and stretchable tactile dielectric elastomer (DE) capacitive sensor array which is designed for multi-touch applications. The touch input is measured by the capacitance variation resulting from the deformation of the sensor modelled as a variable parallel plate capacitor. The flexibility and soft nature of capacitive DE sensor makes them comfortable to wear and versatile. This sensor module is composed of a 2-D capacitive sensor array composed of a grid of DE sensors. The sensor arrangement enables the measurement of touch capacitance on and between sensor centerlines. This technology has fewer connections with fewer wires and enables continuous location identification; convenient for emerging wearable technology as well as humanoid devices. It is possibility solution for wearable technology that needs to measure the reaction of forces in the human body; and can also be applicable to measure/control in humanoid devices to determine grasp ability to pick up an object.
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Yuting Zhu, Samuel Rosset, and Iain A. Anderson "Multi-touch capacitive sensor with new sensor arrangement ", Proc. SPIE 10594, Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) XX, 105942J (27 March 2018);


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