25 July 1989 Intense Electron Beam Cyclotron Masers With Microsecond Pulselengths
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Experiments are underway to investigate the generation of MW to GW microwave power levels utilizing intense (1-10 kA), relativistic (0.4-1 MV), electron beams with pulselengths from 0.4 to 1 μs. Significant research issues concern the effects of beam voltage fluctuations and space charge on long-pulse microwave emission power and frequency stability. Two prototype masers have been developed utilizing a moderate energy pulseline generator with peak parameters: 0.4 MV, 1.2 kA, and 0.4 μs. Prototype I utilized a nonadiabatic step in the diode magnetic field to impart a large α (V⊥/V11≈1-2) to a relatively low transported current of 30-60A. With a uniform waveguide resonator this maser generated peak microwave power levels of 0.6 MW and pulselengths of 0.3 μs over 85% voltage droop. The emission frequency was close to the relativistic cyclotron frequency. The Prototype II maser employed an improved magnetic field profile which transported 500-1000 A of beam current, but at a lower value of α(0.2 - 0.3). A series of permanent magnet wiggler/kickers were used in preliminary tests. Power levels were achieved in the range of 2 MW in the X-band and at MW levels in the K-band. These emission frequencies apparently correspond to the CRM forward-wave and backward-wave interaction with the TE11n cavity modes. By lowering the magnetic field below a critical value the microwave emission was cut off. Design studies have been performed for a long-pulse MW-GW cyclotron maser on the MELBA accelerator with parameters: 0.8 - 1 MV, 1 - 10 kA, and 1 - 1.5 μs.
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R. M. Gilgenbach, R. M. Gilgenbach, J. G. Wang, J. G. Wang, J. J. Choi, J. J. Choi, C. A. Outten, C. A. Outten, T. Spencer, T. Spencer, } "Intense Electron Beam Cyclotron Masers With Microsecond Pulselengths", Proc. SPIE 1061, Microwave and Particle Beam Sources and Directed Energy Concepts, (25 July 1989); doi: 10.1117/12.951801; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.951801

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