12 January 2018 Theoretical analyses of a 1.617-μm laser with a MOPA configuration
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In the recent years, lasers around 1.6 μm are attracted much attention since their wavelengths fit the atmospheric transmission window and can be used for applications in a range of fields including laser radar, gas sensing, and free-space communications. As one of the lasing wavelengths of an Er:YAG medium is just located in the 1.6 μm region, such a laser has been gaining more and more extensive applications in the near infrared. Until now, rare literatures have been found in the MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) study of a 1.617 μm Er:YAG laser because the effect of upconversion will become greater while a higher doping concentration is adopted. In this study, we theoretically analyze the amplification features of a 1.617 μm Er:YAG seed laser by using a multiple MOPA configuration. In the simulation, a kinetic model is established to investigate how the doping concentration, crystal length, and pump power affect the amplification efficiency of a seed laser. The results would be helpful to construct a feasible 1.617 μm laser system.
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He Cai, He Cai, Juhong Han, Juhong Han, You Wang, You Wang, Kepeng Rong, Kepeng Rong, Hang Yu, Hang Yu, Shunyan Wang, Shunyan Wang, Guofei An, Guofei An, Wei Zhang, Wei Zhang, Peng Wu, Peng Wu, Qiang Yu, Qiang Yu, Hongyuan Wang, Hongyuan Wang, } "Theoretical analyses of a 1.617-μm laser with a MOPA configuration", Proc. SPIE 10619, 2017 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Advanced Laser Technology and Applications, 1061904 (12 January 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2295546; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2295546

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