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27 April 2018 Insights into the complicated SAR signature shapes induced by braking targets
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This investigation considers the shapes of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery signature smears that are caused by surface targets that perform braking maneuvers during the SAR collection time. It is known that such maneuvering target signatures can have a wide variety of two-dimensional (2D) shapes, as opposed to the simpler parabolic signatures that are induced by constant velocity targets. The current paper examines the theoretical properties of these 2D signature shapes for cases in which the specific parameters of the target braking maneuver temporal profile are varied, including the rate at which the target decreases speed, the total amount of speed change, and the speed transition time within the SAR collection interval. Furthermore, the current investigation yields new insights regarding the complicated SAR signature shapes that are indicative of targets undergoing such braking maneuvers. This analysis reveals that the SAR signature for a given braking target is effectively a composite of three curved smear portions. One portion is a part of a parabola that is obtained from the constant-velocity target motion at the initial SAR collection time. Next, the second portion is that of a part of a different parabola that is generated from the final constant target velocity segment during the SAR collection interval. The third curved portion of the full moving target signature forms a connection between the parts of the two parabolas that are due to the initial and final constant velocity segments of the full target motion during the SAR measurement interval.
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David A. Garren "Insights into the complicated SAR signature shapes induced by braking targets", Proc. SPIE 10647, Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery XXV, 106470L (27 April 2018);

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