14 May 2018 Low cost rapid fabrication of vertical LVOF microspectrometer on-chip for MIR sensing
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This paper discusses the two-step fabrication of a novel in-plane Si-air linear variable optical filter (LVOF). LVOF has alternating quarter-wave stack layers of high refractive and low refractive index materials sandwiching a tapered cavity. Different passbands can be observed at various positions along the length of the filter. Challenges of LVOF fabrication include depositing consistent thickness of quarter-wave stacks and precise control of the taper angle to be in the range of milli-degrees. In many instances, due to the limitations of thin film deposition systems, surface roughness and deposition thickness vary across entire wafer surface. Such deviations could result in different LVOFs possessing varying response to input signal.

Electron-beam lithography (EBL) was utilized for accurate patterning of Si pillars and taper angle which are difficult to achieve using traditional fabrication methods. In the absence of hardmask, SU-8 was used for pattern transfer with Si:SU-8 etch selectivity as high as 60:1. By optimizing SF6 and C4F8 gas flow and time parameters, aspect ratio of 10:1 and almost- 90° pillars were deep etched into Si with scallop depth <30 nm. High Bragg contrast mirrors were obtained with [HLH]-wedge-[HLH] configuration.

This LVOF operates in free space with continuous tuning from 3.1-3.8 μm. FWHM of 95 nm is observed at 3.3 μm. Simulation and other characterization results are discussed. Finally, the proposed LVOF can be wafer-level packaged with normal incidence detector array, suitable light source and other essential optical elements.
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Simon Chun Kiat Goh, Simon Chun Kiat Goh, Li Lynn Shiau, Li Lynn Shiau, Nan Chen, Nan Chen, Shurui Wang, Shurui Wang, Kailiang Chuan, Kailiang Chuan, Henrik Ernst, Henrik Ernst, Chengkuo Lee, Chengkuo Lee, Beng Kang Tay, Beng Kang Tay, Chuan Seng Tan, Chuan Seng Tan, "Low cost rapid fabrication of vertical LVOF microspectrometer on-chip for MIR sensing", Proc. SPIE 10657, Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies XI, 106570E (14 May 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2304774; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2304774

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