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21 May 2018 Semiconductor quantum dot to fiber coupling system for 1.3μm range
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We present an alignment procedure which allows for precise gluing of a structure with an optically pumped quantum emitter to the end face of zirconia ferrule with a specially fabricated high numerical aperture single-mode fiber. The proposed method is an important step towards building a single-photon source based on an InGaAs quantum dot emitting in 1.3 μm range and located deterministically in a microlens fabricated by in-situ electron beam lithography and plasma etching to improve the photon extraction efficiency. Since single QDs are very dim at room temperature which hinders QD-fiber adjustment by maximizing the collected photoluminescence signal, the developed method uses light back-reflected from the top surface of the sample with microlens as a feedback signal. Using this approach, we were able to position the high-NA fiber over the center of the microlens with an accuracy of about 150 nm in a lateral direction and 50 nm in a vertical direction. The alignment accuracy was confirmed by following the room temperature emission from quantum wells embedded in a reference microlens. We also present initial low temperature tests of the coupling system mounted in a compact and portable Stirling cryocooler.
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