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21 May 2018 Polarization-dependent metasurfaces for 2D/3D switchable displays
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We proposed a 2D/3D switchable display design based on polarization-dependent metasurfaces. Metasurfaces are ultrathin planar optical devices patterned with subwavelength nanostructures. We design the metasurfaces such that they can simultaneously deflect right-hand circularly polarized (RCP) light to an angle and transmit left-hand circularly polarized (LCP) light to the normal direction. Combined with an active polarization rotator, the device can be switched between high resolution 2D display mode and multiview 3D display mode. Proof-of-principle metasurface designs are demonstrated. The far field radiation patterns in the 2D and 3D mode are simulated and analyzed. The effects of spectral bandwidth and beam directionality are also discussed. Compared with liquid crystal lenses, which is the key element in previous 2D/3D switchable displays, metasurfaces 1) deliver more precise phase profile control, thus less aberrations and higher image quality; 2) offer additional degrees of freedom in polarization manipulation; and 3) can be adapted to much smaller sizes.
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Zhujun Shi and Federico Capasso "Polarization-dependent metasurfaces for 2D/3D switchable displays", Proc. SPIE 10676, Digital Optics for Immersive Displays, 1067618 (21 May 2018);

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