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9 May 2018 Opto-mechanical frequency analyzer using polymeric optical resonators
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In this paper, an opto-mechanical frequency analyzer is designed using micro-optical dielectric resonators based on whispering gallery modes (WGM). Such an optical resonance phenomenon commonly referred to WGM, was excited by evanescently coupling light from a tunable laser diode using a tapered single-mode optical fiber. The proposed design is made from a canonical tube with array of dielectric beams placed inside which made from polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) with different geometries. Once a sounds source connected from one end of the tube, the standing wave will perturb these polymeric beams. Then, spherical optical polymeric resonators mechanically coupled with the dielectric beams where placed at different locations to measure the acoustic radiation force. High resolution measurements will be achieved due to the high quality factor (Q-factor) of the resonator that can exhibit. Since, the canonical tube will has different resonant frequency at each certain location. The standing wave will perturb the WGM of the sensing element causing a shift in its transmission spectrum. Cross-correlation technique would be used to calculate that shift which called (WGM shifts). An analysis and calibrations are carried out along with preliminary designs and experiments. Results proved that the proposed technique could be used as a very high resolution frequency analyzer with practical success for bio-medical applications. Such a device could be used to split the sound into their component frequency exactly as an optical prism. This was done by creating a sensor that has the same design as the cochlea (inner ear) and placing optical sensors at different locations along the optical-cochlea to be able to detect different frequencies at the same time with high accuracy.
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Amir R. Ali and Haidi H. Badawi "Opto-mechanical frequency analyzer using polymeric optical resonators", Proc. SPIE 10680, Optical Sensing and Detection V, 106801Y (9 May 2018);

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