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24-26 October 2017, Nanjing, China

Organized by

Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE) (China)

Photoelectronic Technology Committee, Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) (China)

Sponsored by

Division of Information and Electronic Engineering of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering) (China)

Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE) (China)

Science and Technology on Low-light-level Night Vision Laboratory (China)

North Night Vision Technology Co., LTD Corporation (China)

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Volume 10697

Part One of Two Parts

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Bai, Xiaofeng, 0U

Bai, Hailong, 1N

Bai, Shiwei, 3M

Bai, Xiaofeng, 2L

Bai, Zhao, 0E

Bian, Fuqiang, 31

Brault, Julien, 2M

Cai, Guixia, 47

Cai, Jianyong, 0G

Cai, Sheng, 0B

Cai, Wei, 2S

Cai, Yanbin, 59

Cao, Jing, 5S

Cao, Wenhuan, 02

Cao, Yanghua, 4G

Chai, Wenyi, 52

Chai, Wenyi, 5M

Chang, Benkang, 2N

Chang, Hai, 0E

Chang, Hao, 55

Chang, Mingchao, 0F, 5F

Chang, Wandong, 37

Chang, Weijing, 11

Che, Jinxi, 0M, 3E

Chen, Chen, 5I

Chen, Dapeng, 0L

Chen, Fuchun, 43

Chen, Hai-Jun, 22

Chen, Hungyu, 0Q

Chen, Jun, 4N

Chen, Lijuan, 1V

Chen, Qianrong, 0A, 45

Chen, Shuai, 0C

Chen, Su, 52

Chen, Wei, 1R

Chen, Wei-li, 2I

Chen, Xi, 2E

Chen, Xiaowei, 2O

Chen, Xinlong, 17

Chen, Yafeng, 2A

Chen, Zhi-hua, 2Q

Cheng, Binbin, 57

Cheng, Chen, 3R

Cheng, Hongcang, 0S, 0T

Cheng, Hongchang, 2K, 2L

Cheng, Kuanhong, 10

Cheng, Mingjian, 2Z

Cheng, Xiong, 4Z

Cheng, Ye, 32

Chu, Xin-bo, 2B

Chu, Yufei, 3X

Cong, Qian, 21

Cui, Bo, 0M

Cui, Longfei, 45

Cui, Shan-Shan, 2C

Cui, Shanshan, 2H

Cui, Sheng-cheng, 3T

Cui, Shuhua, 40

Dai, Congming, 3U

Dai, Fang, 11

Dai, Huayu, 4F

Dai, Liying, 17

Dai, Wanjun, 3Z

Dai, Yifan, 4S

Dai, Zijie, 4M

Deng, Qian, 3N, 3X

Deng, Weijie, 4R

Deng, Xianjin, 57

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Ding, Junya, 0W

Ding, Keyu, 1H

Ding, Yuanming, 5N

Ding, Ziyu, 4H, 4I

Dong, Chen, 33

Dong, Guo-Yan, 4L

Dong, Hang, 1V

Dong, Kangjun, 2Z

Dong, Ruixing, 5G

Dong, Shi, 3J

Dong, Tao, 56

Dong, Yanbing, 1I

Dong, Yanbing, 1K

Dou, Wanying, 4V, 4W

Du, Yanjun, 0Q

Du, Baolin, 1Z

Du, Tai-jiao, 2Q

Du, Weichuan, 4B, 4Y

Du, Xiaokun, 09

Duan, Chongdi, 4K

Duan, Jing, 14, 1L, 1O, 29

Duanmu, Qingduo, 0Y

Fan, Chuanyu, 3R

Fan, Dongdong, 31

Fan, Haibo, 0T

Fan, Wenfeng, 1E

Fan, Xiao-li, 1C

Fang, Rui Yang, 4U

Fang, Siyi, 37

Feng, Song, 52

Feng, Ying, 58

Feng, Yunsong, 26

Feng, Zhixin, 1W

Fu, Jie, 1Z

Fu, Rongguo, 2N

Gao, Bo, 0M

Gao, Mei-Jing, 04

Gao, Qiang, 0E

Gao, Qingsong, 47

Gao, Songxin, 4B

Gao, Songxin, 4Y

Gao, Xiaoming, 1E

Gao, Xu, 1R

Gao, Yang, 2V

Gong, Cheng, 4M

Gong, Rui, 3J

Gong, Yanchun, 28

Gu, Haidong, 2Y

Gu, Ji-lin, 3C

Gu, Wenhua, 4Z

Guan, Qi, 2Q

Guo, Hongxiang, 5O, 5P, 5Q

Guo, Hui, 56

Guo, Jin, 4C

Guo, Lixin, 2Z

Guo, Peiliang, 2G, 4X

Guo, Qi, 1J

Guo, Wei, 5D

Guo, Yaning, 20

Guo, Yanxin, 37

Guo, Yaxing, 3Y

Han, Jibo, 2R

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Han, Lu, 3T

Han, Xiang’e, 3Y

Han, Xun, 58

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Hao, Daoliang, 45

Hao, Xin, 51

Hao, Xin, 57

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Hao, Zhibiao, 2M

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Hao, Ziheng, 20

Haohang, Su, 05

He, Fengyun, 0B

He, Linkuan, 53

He, Qi-Yi, 5S

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Hong, Jin, 03, 2H

Hong, Xiaobin, 5O

Hong, Yan, 59

Hong, Yifeng, 54

Hu, Cuichun, 0R

Hu, Haili, 44

Hu, Haixiang, 4R

Hu, Hao, 4S

Hu, Hui-jun, 2B

Hu, Jiacheng, 21

Hu, Liming, 44

Hu, Shunxing, 2A, 38

Hu, Xiaoyan, 4H, 4I

Hu, Xiong-chao, 3J

Hu, Yadong, 03, 2H

Hu, Yongming, 52, 5M

Huang, Da, 02

Huang, Han, 4Z

Huang, Jian, 2A

Huang, Jiapeng, 1E

Huang, Jin, 3K

Huang, Lin, 03

Huang, Lin, 2H

Huang, Qin, 49

Huang, Shucai, 02

Huang, Xiaoyi, 4J

Huang, Xiying, 0E

Huang, Yaolin, 46

Ji, Tonghui, 5I

Jia, Jun, 5G

Jia, Lian Ping, 1U

Jia, Yizhen, 18

Jiang, Han-lu, 2D

Jiang, Kai, 14, 1L, 1O, 29

Jiang, Peng, 4Q

Jiang, Wei, 4T

Jiang, Wentao, 0E

Jiang, Xun Peng, 1U

Jiao Ling, LIn, 3B

Jiao, Gangcheng, 2K

Jiao, Peng, 1U

Jin, Chuan, 2K

Jin, Dong-dong, 2B

Jin, Gui, 4J

Jin, Wei, 26

Jin, Xing, 49

Jin, Xing, 55

Jin, Yuan, 2E

Jing, Feng, 5L

Ju, Tao, 4E

Kang, Jianbin, 2M

Kang, Zong, 5H

Ke, Xizheng, 36

Khalfioui, Mohamed Al, 2M

Kong, Liang, 39

Kou, Jun, 27

Kou, Yuanfeng, 46

Kuang, Yin, 58

Lan, Shuo, 44

Lei, Hao, 1C

Lei, Hao, 24

Lei, Qiang, 0J

Leng, Kun, 28

Li, Baosheng, 18, 1N, 1V

Li, Bao-zeng, 0S, 0U

Li, Beibei, 5O

Li, Biao, 0D

Li, Chong-yang, 1T

Li, Chunyue, 0C

Li, Dequan, 56

Li, Deyao, 4B

Li, Dong, 34

Li, Gang, 1L

Li, Guohui, 2T

Li, Guohui, 3A

Li, Guoxing, 1P

Li, Guoyang, 21

Li, Guoyuan, 1E

Li, H., 0A

Li, Haihao, 5C

Li, Hai-tao, 3P

Li, Hongtao, 2M

Li, Hua, 45

Li, Hui, 0G

Li, Hui, 4O

Li, Jianfeng, 42

Li, Jiangting, 2Z

Li, Jie, 27

Li, Jing-jing, 2B

Li, Jingxuan, 1N

Li, Jinsong, 0W

Li, Jun-wei, 2F, 2I

Li, Junwei, 12

Li, Li, 1Z

Li, Liang, 1N

Li, Lijuan, 13

Li, Ling, 4U

Li, Lu, 3W, 3X

Li, Mengyan, 0P

Li, Mi, 54

Li, Miao, 1H

Li, Mo, 2M

Li, Pingzhou, 0Z

Li, Qi, 2C

Li, Qian, 2M

Li, Ruijun, 4B

Li, Shasha, 3M

Li, Shuangshuang, 0P

Li, Shuxin, 0D

Li, Shuyi, 2R

Li, Tian-yue, 3L

Li, Ting, 0O

Li, Tingting, 5Q

Li, Wei, 4D

Li, Wei, 5O, 5P

Li, Xia, 1I, 1K

Li, Xianglong, 2E

Li, Xiaohai, 50

Li, Xiaoli, 0L

Li, Xiaozhuo, 5C

Li, Xin, 54

Li, Xinyang, 42

Li, Xu, 0N

Li, Xuebin, 2O, 3M

Li, Yan, 5O, 5P

Li, Ya-shuo, 2D

Li, Ye, 2X

Li, Yi, 0V

Li, Yi, 4B

Li, Yi, 4Y

Li, Yongbin, 23

Li, Yu, 3E

Li, Yu-dong, 1J

Li, Zhe, 4E

Li, Zhi-guo, 5L

Liang, Chuanyang, 44

Liang, Weiwei, 15

Liang, Xu, 4T

Liao, Yurong, 0C

Lin, Changxing, 57

Lin, Juan, 1K

Lin, Wen-kui, 4E

Lin, Xiao, 4H

Lin, Xiao, 4I

Lin, Yongping, 0G

Lin, Zhengguo, 55

Lin, Zhifan, 4S

Liu, Biao, 16, 25

Liu, Bingqi, 19

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Liu, Chun-ling, 5B, 5J

Liu, Dachuan, 4H

Liu, Dong, 1D, 3D, 3N, 3Q, 3X

Liu, Hongmei, 0Z

Liu, Jianguo, 0F

Liu, Jianguo, 1K

Liu, Jianping, 4B

Liu, Jin-sheng, 2B

Liu, Jun, 40

Liu, Junhu, 40

Liu, Junjian, 1D

Liu, Kai, 14, 1L, 1O, 29

Liu, Liping, 4Z

Liu, Miao, 3C

Liu, Ning, 2J

Liu, Peng, 5K, 5L

Liu, Qing, 2O, 3M

Liu, Qiuwu, 2A

Liu, Quan, 2G, 4X

Liu, Shanlin, 1N

Liu, Sicong, 4Q

Liu, Tao, 5S

Liu, Weiwei, 4M

Liu, Wen, 29

Liu, Wen-long, 39

Liu, Wen-xing, 41

Liu, Xingrun, 1I

Liu, Xiulan, 2E

Liu, Xue-bin, 39

Liu, Yang, 54

Liu, Yanjun, 0B

Liu, Yong-zheng, 39

Liu, Yu, 0F, 5F

Liu, Zeguo, 21

Liu, Zhihui, 56

Lü, Cheng-xu, 2D

Lu, Wen-qiang, 3T

Lu, Xiaofei, 0V

Lu, Xin-ran, 1R

Luo, Tao, 2O

Luo, Xi, 42

Luo, Xinkai, 4D

Luo, Yan, 3P

Luo, Yi, 2M

Luo, Yuxiang, 2N

Lv, Pin, 32

Ma, Hui, 3N

Ma, J. F., 5E

Ma, Li-na, 1T

Ma, Xiaomin, 1D

Ma, Yi, 4B

Ma, Yi, 4Y

Mao, Wen-hua, 2D

Mao, Yilan, 3K

Matta, Samuel, 2M

Mei, Ting, 4C

Meng, Huicheng, 4B

Meng, Pei-bei, 0N

Meng, Qinglong, 0H

Meng, Xiang-Feng, 4L

Meng, Xiangyong, 47, 48

Meng, Xunjun, 5D

Miao, Xikui, 3U

Miao, Zhuang, 2K

Mu, Yining, 0T

Na, Qiyue, 11

Ni, Chen, 03

Ning, Quanyan, 5P

Niu, Chaojun, 3Y

Niu, Lihong, 0I, 0R

Niu, Minghui, 43

Ou, Long, 3A

Pan, Cheng-Sheng, 5B, 5N

Pan, Fan, 4O

Peng, Zhimin, 0Q

Peng, Bao-jin, 3P

Peng, Guo-liang, 2Q

Peng, Huan, 0N

Peng, Jilong, 1S

Peng, Jing, 4O

Peng, Jue, 4B

Peng, Junkai, 32

Peng, Yunfeng, 5I

Peng, Zhuang, 3W

Ping, Yifan, 58

Qi, Yan-nan, 2D

Qian, Jin, 10

Qian, Kun, 10

Qian, Weixian, 47, 48

Qian, Zhentao, 4Z

Qiang, Si-miao, 39

Qiao, Kai, 2K

Qiao, Min, 4G

Qiao, Yijia, 5J

Qin, Hanlin, 10

Qin, Xulei, 1X

Qiu, Jifang, 5O, 5P

Qu, Pengfei, 4P

Ren, Fang, 3K

Ren, Ge, 34

Ren, Guangsen, 0A, 45

Ren, Huaijin, 4B

Ren, Xiaoli, 34

Ren, Xiaomin, 4G

Ren, Yuan, 22

Ren, Zhang, 27

Sanpedro, Man, 07

Shan, Huihui, 1D

Shan, Qiu-sha, 14, 1L, 1O, 29

Shang, Jing, 0H

Shang, Yubin, 0S, 0U

Shao, Si-pei, 2B

Shao, W., 5E

Shao, Xiaoping, 46

She, Wen-ji, 14

Shen, Fahua, 3W

Shen, Hong, 3O, 41

Shen, Si, 40

Shen, Wen-ji, 5K

Shentu, Jun, 17

Shi, Feng, 20

Shi, Feng, 4S

Shi, Fu-quan, 3P

Shi, Jingjing, 2H

Shi, Lei, 5D

Shi, Xin, 5N

Shi, Yu-Xin, 5B

Song, Ci, 4S

Song, De, 0S, 0T, 0U

Song, Hao, 4U

Song, Juan, 2B

Song, Shangzhen, 10

Song, Xing, 3G, 3L

Song, Xuerui, 4K

Song, Yiheng, 1F

Su, Jingqin, 3Z

Su, Shichen, 4C

Su, Zhenyu, 2T, 2U

Sui, Shi-Long, 5B

Sui, Yan, 5I

Sun, Changzheng, 2M

Sun, Gang, 2O

Sun, Lijun, 4P, 4T

Sun, Lu, 0I

Sun, Peiyu, 38

Sun, Qiyun, 2V

Sun, XianZhong, 2F

Sun, Xiao-bing, 03, 2H

Sun, Xiaowei, 0E

Sun, Xiao-Wen, 4L

Sun, Xun, 54

Sun, Yu-hua, 4E

Sun, Zuoming, 0L, 12

Tan, Hao, 4B

Tan, Min, 30, 3N, 3W

Tan, Qinggui, 4T

Tan, Yuan, 1M

Tan, Yufeng, 34

Tan, Zhenkun, 36

Tang, Chun, 4B, 4Y

Tang, Cong, 26

Tang, Guanghua, 17

Tang, Guo-Zhi, 22

Tang, Jian-feng, 33

Tang, Jiaye, 17

Tang, Lin, 0P

Tang, Wa, 4R

Tang, Yidong, 02

Tao, Zongming, 1D

Tao, Wenquan, 5M

Tao, Xiaojie, 18

Tao, Yu-liang, 0N

Tian, Dongbo, 1S

Tian, Shu Li, 1U

Tian, Xiao-Min, 3D, 3N

Tong, Han, 50

Wan, Qiu-hua, 1R

Wang, Ao-you, 0N

Wang, Shuming, 50

Wang, Bang-Xin, 3D, 3N, 3W

Wang, Cen, 5Q

Wang, Chao-min, 1J

Wang, Chenjie, 52

Wang, Chenjie, 5M

Wang, Chuangwei, 5G

Wang, Chuanxiu, 0I

Wang, Chun-hui, 0N

Wang, Chuqiao, 5C

Wang, D., 5E

Wang, Dandan, 31

Wang, Dekang, 4R

Wang, Dong, 50

Wang, Dongchen, 17

Wang, Dong-jie, 1T

Wang, Guang, 1M

Wang, Guangping, 24

Wang, Guozheng, 0Y

Wang, Haitao, 56

Wang, Hongjun, 0M, 3E

Wang, Ji, 0Y

Wang, Jian, 2M

Wang, Jianmin, 1E

Wang, Jie, 2A

Wang, Jihong, 34

Wang, Jinfang, 54

Wang, Lai, 2M

Wang, Liujun, 4K

Wang, Min, 40

Wang, Min, 46

Wang, Ningming, 1G

Wang, Qi, 4G

Wang, Qiushi, 2Y

Wang, Ru-Quan, 22

Wang, Shanshan, 1S

Wang, Shengkai, 2K

Wang, Shenhao, 1D

Wang, Sujun, 58

Wang, Ting, 2V

Wang, Weiping, 4H, 4I

Wang, Wencong, 2N

Wang, Wenqing, 0P

Wang, Xi, 4I

Wang, Xiao, 17

Wang, Xiaobin, 3Y

Wang, Xiaochen, 2E

Wang, Xiong, 0J

Wang, Xue, 5N

Wang, Y., 0A

Wang, Yanbin, 45

Wang, Yicheng, 26

Wang, Yidong, 4N

Wang, Ying-Jian, 30, 3D, 3N

Wang, Yu, 4D

Wang, Yu-Rong, 4L

Wang, Zhaohui, 51, 57

Wang, Zhengyong, 53

Wang, Zheng-yun, 03

Wang, Zhen-Zhu, 3D, 3N

Wang, Zhiyong, 1F

Wang, Zijian, 21

Wei, Baoguo, 53

Wei, Heili, 3U

Wei, Jiahua, 5D

Wei, Ping, 42

Wei, Qingchen, 4V, 4W

Wei, Yu, 5L

Wei, Zong-kang, 27

Wen, Lin, 1J

Wen, Xiaoxia, 4C

Wen, Yinghui, 25

Wen, Zhi-gang, 39

Weng, Ningquan, 2O, 3M

Weng, Ying-hui, 16

Wong, Wen-cong, 2B

Wu, Decheng, 3D, 3Q, 3X

Wu, Ensen, 4G

Wu, Hai-ying, 16, 25

Wu, Jian, 5O, 5P, 5Q

Wu, Jianhong, 2G, 4X

Wu, Jingli, 24

Wu, Kaifeng, 1I

Wu, Lei, 0R

Wu, Liyong, 48

Wu, Tengfei, 2R, 4D

Wu, Wenyuan, 28

Wu, Xin, 3U

Wu, Xingzhao, 2M

Wu, Yang, 0Z

Wu, Yong-kang, 3J

Wu, Yu, 48

Wu, Yuntao, 4O

Wu, Zhi-Xu, 3O

Xi, Yaru, 4Q

Xia, Chuanqing, 2R

Xiao, Gongli, 4V, 4W

Xiao, Qi, 4S

Xiao, Ting, 2B

Xiao, Yongchuan, 4P

Xie, Chen-Bo, 1D, 30, 3D, 3N, 3W

Xie, Chuanlin, 3A

Xie, Chun-yu, 1R

Xie, Jun, 2J

Xie, Xiaolin, 4O

Xie, Yu, 0I

Xie, Zongliang, 34

Xing, Shuai, 2R

Xiong, Bing, 2M

Xu, Dong, 09

Xu, Jie, 04

Xu, Jingqi, 37

Xu, Ji-Wei, 3D, 3N, 3Q

Xu, Jun, 2V

Xu, Junlin, 4V, 4W

Xu, Min, 4A

Xu, Peng-mei, 1T

Xu, Pengxiao, 17, 23

Xu, Qi, 0S

Xu, Qiang, 4Q

Xu, Qing-shan, 1I, 3R

Xu, Tingyan, 37

Xu, Wei, 04

Xu, Weicai, 44

Xu, Wen-bin, 2I

Xue, Donglin, 4R

Xue, Li, 3G

Xue, Qiao, 3Z

Yan, Pei-pei, 14, 1L, 1O, 29

Yan, Peng, 39

Yan, Wei, 2Q

Yan, Xu, 2Z

Yang, Bingchen, 0Y

Yang, Bing-nan, 2D

Yang, Da-Yong, 3O

Yang, Haiqiang, 0M, 3E

Yang, Hang, 1M

Yang, Hongru, 0R

Yang, Hongyan, 4V, 4W

Yang, Hui, 4B

Yang, Hui, 53

Yang, Jianfeng, 3G

Yang, Jianqing, 2V

Yang, Jie, 23

Yang, Jie, 38

Yang, Jikai, 0U, 0Y

Yang, Ming, 04

Yang, Shi-zhi, 3T

Yang, Tao-tao, 4E

Yang, Ting, 37

Yang, X. F., 5E

Yang, Xining, 1P

Yang, Xinquan, 58

Yang, Xinyan, 0C

Yang, Xioadong, 4C

Yang, Xiuhua, 4V, 4W

Yang, Xiu-Lun, 4L

Yang, Yi, 1Z

Yang, Yong-qing, 14, 5K, 5L

Yang, YuFeng, 0O

Yang, Yuntao, 28

Yao, Ruiqiao, 2S

Yao, Shi-lei, 2I

Ye, Jifei, 49

Ye, Zhi-long, 3J

Yi, Zhong, 1S

Yin, Da-yi, 06

Yin, Jie, 56

Yin, Xiaolin, 4R

Yin, Yanhe, 0B

Yin, Yong-Kai, 4L

Ying, Jiaju, 19

You, Juncheng, 44

You, Xiangyu, 55

Yu, Ao, 53

Yu, Bing, 0R

Yu, Haonan, 18

Yu, Long-Kun, 3O, 41

Yu, Miao, 5P

Yu, Qian, 1S

Yu, Xinyu, 2H

Yu, Yao, 5J

Yu, Yayun, 1M

Yu, Zheng-long, 33

Yu, Zhihao, 5O

Yuan, He, 4A

Yuan, Ke’e, 38

Yuan, Ming-Quan, 0J

Yuan, Qingyu, 0R

Yuan, Xuejun, 5G

Yuan, Yuan, 2L

Yue, Lei, 5P

Yue, Peng, 16, 25

Yuehua, Xia, 08

Zeng, Chun-hong, 4E

Zeng, Fa, 3Z

Zeng, Luan, 1L

Zeng, Shuang, 2E

Zeng, Xuefeng, 4R

Zeng, Yuan, 5A

Zeng, Zhen, 2D

Zhang, Hui, 1D

Zhang, Aiwen, 03

Zhang, Bao-shun, 4E

Zhang, Dongliang, 4H, 4I

Zhang, Feng, 4R

Zhang, Hao, 4A

Zhang, Hongda, 1P

Zhang, Jie, 53

Zhang, Jinchun, 3E

Zhang, Jinnan, 4G

Zhang, Junju, 2N

Zhang, Jun-ning, 2D

Zhang, Junxi, 4N

Zhang, Kenan, 4H

Zhang, Lei, 0K

Zhang, Lei, 2R

Zhang, Li, 0V

Zhang, Liang, 1P

Zhang, Lianqing, 1D

Zhang, Ling-yi, 33

Zhang, Nan, 4M

Zhang, Ran, 5J

Zhang, San-xi, 16, 25

Zhang, Tingting, 56

Zhang, Tingting, 5D

Zhang, Wenzhong, 3M

Zhang, Xi, 28

Zhang, Xiangchao, 4A

Zhang, Xiaolei, 4A

Zhang, Xiaolong, 0L

Zhang, Xiaolu, 3Z

Zhang, Xiao-nan, 27

Zhang, Xinwei, 3K

Zhang, Xiyang, 0G

Zhang, Xuan, 4E

Zhang, Xue-Ao, 1M

Zhang, Xuejun, 4R

Zhang, Xue-min, 3G

Zhang, Xue-min, 3L

Zhang, Xu-xu, 06

Zhang, Yan, 0H

Zhang, Yan, 31

Zhang, Yanduo, 4O

Zhang, Yang, 18, 1N

Zhang, Yani, 4Q

Zhang, Yasheng, 4F

Zhang, Ya-zhou, 1C, 2F

Zhang, Yazhou, 24

Zhang, Yin-fa, 33

Zhang, Yixin, 2X

Zhang, Yizhuo, 2Y

Zhang, Yong, 5C

Zhang, Yu, 4T

Zhang, Yu, 5C

Zhang, Yumin, 09

Zhang, Zhanpeng, 1O

Zhang, Zhanye, 30, 3W

Zhang, Zhike, 5F

Zhang, Zhilong, 0D

Zhang, Ziqiu, 1P

Zhao, Chunbo, 2R

Zhao, Junpu, 3Z

Zhao, Mingkun, 1H

Zhao, Shuang, 4F

Zhao, Wei, 02

Zhao, Wenjin, 17

Zhao, Wenjin, 23

Zhao, Xiuying, 2T, 2U

Zhao, Xuan, 0K

Zhao, Ya, 4Q

Zhao, Ying-long, 1T

Zhao, Yujiao, 51

Zhao, Zeping, 0F

Zhao, Zhongli, 0U

Zheng, Changwen, 32

Zheng, Chao, 26

Zheng, Jiyuan, 2M

Zheng, Kuixing, 3Z

Zheng, Quan, 32

Zheng, Shaolin, 2L

Zheng, Xiaoming, 1M

Zheng, Xue Cong, 1U

Zhong, Guoshun, 4P

Zhong, Qi, 1V

Zhong, Zhiqing, 3D

Zhou, Xue-yun, 41

Zhou, Benjie, 1H

Zhou, Dezhao, 1Z

Zhou, Feng, 2G, 4X

Zhou, Haijun, 4F

Zhou, Honghang, 5P

Zhou, Huixin, 10

Zhou, Jiqiang, 0T

Zhou, Kun, 4B, 4Y

Zhou, Li-ling, 41

Zhou, Mengjie, 09

Zhou, Sheng, 0W

Zhou, Shihong, 1E

Zhou, Shousen, 1H

Zhou, X., 0A

Zhou, Xuanfeng, 45

Zhou, Zhiqiang, 3A

Zhou, Zhi-yuan, 1C

Zhu, Jiang, 5H

Zhu, Kangkang, 37

Zhu, Lin, 3R

Zhu, Ninghua, 5F

Zhu, Rongzhen, 0A, 45

Zhu, Taotao, 37

Zhu, Wenyue, 2O, 3M

Zhu, Xiaobo, 4Z

Zhu, Yu, 5D

Zhu, Zhenyu, 4D

Zong, Si-Guang, 5S

Zu, Zhen-Long, 04

Zuo, Yong, 4G, 5O

Conference Committee

Conference Chairs

  • Guofan Jin, Tsinghua University (China)

  • Guangjun Zhang, Southeast University (China)

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Qian Chen, Nanjing Uinversity of Science and Technology (China)

  • Detan Su, North Night Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

Conference Review Committee

  • Zili Xie, Nanjing University (China)

  • Feng Shi, Science and Technology on Low-Light-Level Night Vision Laboratory (China)

  • Weiqi Jin, Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

  • Nanjian Wu, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

  • Jin Lu, Tianjin Jinhang Institute of Technology Physics (China)


We have the great honor of organizing Fourth Seminar on Novel Optoelectronic Detection Technology and Application. It is truly a great pleasure for us to greet more than 300 participants from many different countries attending this conference. We firmly believe this conference will become important international events in the field of optoelectronic detection technology.

Fourth Seminar on Novel Optoelectronic Detection Technology and Application is sponsored by Division of Information and Electronic Engineering of CAE, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, Science and Technology on Low-light-level Night Vision Laboratory and North Night Vision Technology co., LTD Corporation, organized by Chinese Society for Optical Engineering and Photoelectronic Technology Committee, CSA.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the participants to report and review the innovative ideas and up-to-date progress and developments, discuss the novel approaches to application in the optoelectronic detection field. It is sincerely hoped that the research and development in optoelectronic detection field will be promoted, and the international cooperation sharing the common interest will be enhanced.

On behalf of other co-chairmen, and the organization committee of this conference, I would like to heartily thank for our sponsors and cooperation organizers for all they have done for the conference. Thanks also to all the authors for their contributions to the Proceedings, to all of the participants and friends for their interest and efforts in helping us to make the conference possible, to the program committee for their effective work and valuable advice, especially the secretariat and the editors in SPIE for their tireless effort and outstanding services in preparing the conference and publishing the proceedings.

Guofan Jin

© (2018) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
"Front Matter: Volume 10697", Proc. SPIE 10697, Fourth Seminar on Novel Optoelectronic Detection Technology and Application, 1069701 (8 May 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2318635; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2318635

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